Friday, May 30, 2008

Well hello from Virginia!!!

So I know it's been forever since I've been on to write, but that's because so much has gone on. As you can tell by the title, we are in VA now. I know I know, it was quick and painful but here we are. So last I was saying was how I didn't want to move yada yada yada, well this move in the week we've been here has made me realize this is exactly what we were suppose to do. The girls are so extrememly happy. Lore's behavior has gotten better. They love seeing their papaw and think it's the best ever to hang out with him. I had a moment the other day that made me sure that we are exactly where we are suppose to be. My dad was over here early sunday morning as we were going to finish unpacking the truck, well we were sitting down chatting and Lore got up on his lap and starting singing to him. She started off with the usual twinkle twinkle little star, to which papaw sang along with her to that. The next song was You are my sunshine, as she started singing I saw a look come over my dads face, I hadn't seen before. As I watched my precious three year old sing to my dad I noticed him get a little red faced and teary eyed, and he tried his best to hold in the tears (which he did pretty well) but I could tell he was pretty choked up. I watched as they sang along and wondered what could have happened to have made my dad's expression change so much. As she finished the song she looked up at him and gave him a big hug and he looked down at her and said, you know my momma used to sing that same song to me as a little boy. At that moment I realized that my dad had drifted back to when he was a little boy probably around lores age, to when my grandma used to sing to him. Lore of course looked up at him with her big beautiful eyes and smiled. It made me tear up, and that was the moment I knew that this was exactly why we moved back. We wanted our children to get to know their grandparents, but now I realize too we wanted the grandparents to get to enjoy these little moments with the kids. That is a memory I will surly have until the day I die.

So on to what all has been going on. After we came out here for a week, we had basically a month to get all of our crap packed up, loaded on a truck, and moved out here. it all went super fast and wore us all out, hell we are still wore out!!! We are still trying to unpack our house but t is taking forever! I also will be having a yard sale really freaking soon!!!! I am not going to have a cluttered freaking house again. we are going to get rid of a bunch of stuff.

So on to how everyones doing. Lore as you have read is doing great. She actually got her ears pierced (per her request) yesterday. She is a brave turkey. I really didn't think she'd go through with it, as we had tried one time before, and after I filled out the paperwork and she got seated she saw the piercing gun and was like "noooooooooooo!!!!". So that was that, and for a month or two she's been asking to have it done and finally yesterday while we were out shopping, i told billy to take tripp and ran through the store and I'd take lore and see if she'd go through with it. Well she picked out some really cute flower earrings (14k of course) with her oct birthstone as petals, and we went over to where she'd have to sit. she promptly sat down and was like yup I'm ready I want to get earrings, as I am like are you sure, it hurts like a pinch etc. She was determined, well crap there was only one lady there to do them so I tell her you have to get each ear done separately. She is still determined. So the lady is like okay cleans her ear dots them and they look right, so she says one, two, three and my baby girl has a pierced ear, and is crying a little. So she is now like no I don't want to get the other ear done blah blah blah. So we let her calm down and we talk to her and showed her the earring and she like it, and agrees to get the next one done. well she was still leary about it so the lady was awesome and just starts asking her questions like who are your friends etc, and she promptly starts talking about gavi and mia and how they used to play together and as she is mid sentence her other ear gets a matching earring! oh my goodness they are just too cute, she cried a little but is happy with them, and promptly tells everyone she sees, to look at her new earrings. So thanks gavi and mia, ya'll helped lore to get her ears pierced. She misses her friends, every time we talk about her going to school she gets excited and starts talking about how she's going to get to see Gavi, Mia, Isaac, Beckah and Elias. then we have to tell her once again, that they don't go to school here they go to school in Kansas. But other than missing them she loves her room, loves seeing her papaw, loves her bunkbed and the fact that she shares it with miranda. She is really enjoying it here much more than I guess I thought she would.

Okay on to Miranda. Miranda is doing well, she's still shy as hell. She'll hide behind us and come out once she's been around folks for a few minutes. She talks everyones ears off, she won't get close to anyone but us but will sing and ramble on forever. It's really cute. She loves seeing her papaw but won't go near She'll wave at him, blow kisses to him and talk to him, but will not go near him (or anyone for that matter). I'm hoping it's just a matter of time before she will. She's had issues with her legs and feet since she was born, and for some reason now they seem to be getting worse. They seem to be turning in more, she runs and falls down a lot. She kinda seems to favor her left leg some, I'm really concerned, and I hope her new ped. will listen to our concerns instead of telling us it will just correct itself. I feel so bad for her. her poor legs were all bruised and scraped up shortly after arriving from falling so much and she stays bruised on the legs just from falling so much. I hate that she has this issue. But other than that Miranda is loving it here to, as you can tell from the running statements above, she's has a ton of room to run and loves it. She's a little singer too and picks up songs like crazy, which I'm really happy about because I was really getting sick of hearing "santa claus is coming to town" every two seconds. Shes got the sweetest smile that will melt your heart and it kind of reminds me of Reba's smile. It's so warm and sweet. However there is no doubt that miranda is my child. As we were eating with my mom and step dad at a steakhouse, mom and lore were talking about what the longhorns name might be that was hanging up on the wall. My mom asks lore "so do you think it looks more like a jessie or a bessie?" well miranda leans into me and calls me a little closer and whispers "It looks more like a cow to me". OMG I about passed out. that was soooo something I would have said, it was soooo funny, and of course I told the table to which they all laughed and miranda let out this huge laugh that just cracked us up even more. She's my sweet child, however she's kinda like a sour patch kid, mean as a snake one minute then sweet as candy the next.

So Tripp is almost 5 months! I can't believe it! He's so big, even though he was the smallest of the three of them by a pound, he weighs more than either of them did at this age. He is such a good baby. He gives the biggest smiles and grins when ya talk to him. He gives those beautiful smiles to everyone too, he seems to love for people to chat with him. He's doing well and did great on the trip out here. He's now in the crib, in his own room, and is doing great. Miranda passed on the crib without any issue and he has graciously accepted all the room the crib has to offer. He tried bananas today for the first time and I was shocked, He loved them! He actually ate the whole jar! Well I think I am gonna start making my own baby food, as have an awesome Kitchen aid mini chopper and I just think i can make the food so much more flavorful for him. He's rolling all over the place and is just trying to keep up with his sisters. He's already a hair puller, if they get within arms reach of him he is grabbing a handful of hair before they can blink and he will not let go. It's kinda bad. But all in all the girls love him so much it is the best thing to see the way he looks at the girls, so full of love and I can only hope the kids stay close for the rest of their lives. I am truly blessed to have the most wonderful kiddos. The make me so happy (most of the time).

so on to billy and me, we are doing well. We know we are done having kiddo's and as sad as it makes me that i won't be pregnant again I really think our family is complete. So soon billy will be getting the big "V". I've enjoyed being back in VA, we actually live less than a mile from my dad! how awesome is that? So anyway not much going on just unpacking and trying to set up our house, which we love! the view is awesome. I love waking up and drinking my morning cup of coffee looking at the beautiful mountains!!! Sooooo thats an update on us, and now i promise to write a few times a week, as I'm sure I'll have a ton more to talk about now!

until next time!