Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pre Op

So my preop was today. I had to go to a two hour class which basically stated everything that was in the book that we had to read and take a quiz on. It was pretty cool though getting to hang out all day with people who are having the same surgery. So after class I went to my reg appt to do the preop crap of getting weighed (yuck), blood pressure, making sure you aren't psycho etc. So I was told to try to lose 30 lbs before surgery, and they wouldn't cancel if I only lost 25, so on to the dreaded effing scale, and i put all my crap down, while cursing the two scales i have at home, for always giving me two readings. So I stood on the scale and watched that bastard go up and up. Son of a bitch I lost not 30lbs but 33 lbs!!!! woooo freaking whooooo!!!! So the nurse practitioner said wooo hooo too and said well now you have a buffer for your thanksgiving dinner!!!
So got done with them telling me i could die, i could have ulcers, i could have no complications etc. So i signed everything away and off I went to anesthia and lab...what fun what fun. So they took like 7 vials of blood and pee in a cup and I went on to get an ekg and asked a million more questions about if i'm on any drugs etc...same questions i have already answered 5 times but at least they are concerned enough to ask...maybe i do look psycho...as they asked me that a ton...lol...
I was also told my Gall bladder will be taken out at the same time due to the hellicaious meteors in my gallbladder...so I'm killing two birds with one stone...woot!
so anyway that was my day! I'm glad i lost my goal and then some! I start my all liquids on dec 1st...boo but it's worth it! i can do it...My surgery is dec 15th and I'll find out the friday before when it is exactly...yippee.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, Monday

So I'm a week away from my preop and 28 days from surgery. The girls are doing well. Tripp is doing great. We are all hanging in there and i'm excited about my surgery...I'm getting in the Christmas shopping mode, slowly buying stuff for the kids and everyone else in the family. I can't wait for Black Friday so I can hook up on some good deals!

Everything right now is going pretty good and I'll update more later when something eventful happens...lol

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pushed back

Well My surgery date got pushed back to Dec 15th due to the surgeon is going to be out of town. So now my preop is Nov 27th, liquid diet starts Dec 1st and Surgery will be bright and early Dec 15th. Well at least now I get to eat Thanksgiving dinner. I'm a little sad it has been pushed back. It means I'm going to be in more pain for Christmas which sucks. But it also gives me a little more time to try to knock some more of the weight off before surgery. So I just wanted to give a surgery update. I'll update about our mini vacation later. I'm off to go wallow in self pity now. :( lol