Saturday, June 21, 2008

Well it's Saturday

It's Saturday, I'm exhausted, what's new. Well I'll catch you up on my week since tuesday. Tuesday, i was having a pretty bad day, I was just burnt out on everything. Well my dad stopped by, it was awesome all the kids were napping (I had just gotten tripp down) and he had brought a bbq for us and one for billy incase he was in route home. Well it was so nice to just be able to sit there and talk to dad without the kids being loud and jumping around. We had a great conversation, I think it was the first time we've been able to chat by ourselves in years. So that made my day much better. Wednesday came with bad news of one of my uncles on my moms side dying. Thursday was my dad's birthday so we met him for dinner with his brother and sisters (my aunts and uncles). The girls were absoutely wonderful! They met a lot more family most that they had never seen. Tripp was wonderful as well, he got passed around the table and all of the aunts ohhhhhed and awwwwwwed over him. Lore and Ran sang Happy Birthday to dad several times and I mean several times. The girls really listened well and ate really good, I was so proud. on the way home Lore stated "that was unbelievable" "that dinner time was unbelievable". I thought that was so great that she had such a great time and thought it was unbelievable and expressed it to us in such a cute way.

So after dinner Dad and josephine came over for cake and coffee, a cake that I made (chocolate cake, white chocolate buttercream between the layers, ganache over the top and sides) and let the girls decorate. Oh my lord my cake was beautiful on it's own but I figured why not let the girls make his cake super special and boy did they. It looked like a sprinkle factory exploded on it. Dad loved it of course and the girls sang happy birthday to him once again as he blew out his candles. Tripp got more attention as usual (I swear he's gonna be a spoiled rotten boy).

Friday nothing big happened same ole stuff, except I found out that my step dad is in the hospital due to some issues wth potassium. He was paralyzed from the waist down for almost a day. Very scary stuff. but seems to be doing better.

Today, I've been in just a horrible mood. I'm tired, grumpy and irritated. I was that way all day, however I invited dad and josephine over for dinner, which was nice and so they could help us eat some more of the birthday cake of dads. So the kids played while we finished cooking dinner, we ate, the kids swung some more, we came in and ate cake and had coffee, and dad and josephine left. We came inside and started watching gymnastic, i called a few people, put the kids and bed, just so I could have some time to catch up on here. So there's my exciting huh? So now I'm still tired and exhausted so I'm going to bed. I'll blog again soon and hopefully I'll be in a better

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another milestone, another memory

Okay so Fathers day was great even for me! I got to watch billy love his gifts we got him, fishing poles for the whole family and a tackle box for him, and I also got to spend fathers day evening with my dad which is something I hadn't been able to do in a few years. So we grilled some chicken and had a great dinner! We topped it off by cutting an awesome tasting watermelon! Then we played with the girls as tripp napped. We were running all around spinning the girls around, the girls were racing each other, getting rides on daddy's and papaws shoulders, being swung around like monkeys by daddy and papaw! they loved it. Miranda even loved it when papaw toted her around like a sack of potatoes! it was great. Then the darkness came and on with the light show, tons of lightening bugs (fireflies) came out and the girls thought it was awesome! Lore even held one until, miranda kept saying ewww gross, yucky! soooo funny! It was a great evening! Tripp was awesome, he played and laughed and was a great baby as usual! Wonderful memories we are making for these kiddos!

Now for the milestones, Tripp has his first tooth! and another one right beside it almost through. he's gonna have his bottom teeth first...awwwww! He is also babbling up a storm but in those babbles he's saying Da Da, over and over and over! So I guess one child had to say dada first! Oh well I know he's momma's boy anyway! So he's got a tooth and he's saying dada he'll be running anyday now! He's rolling everywhere, and growing like a weed!

Miranda is doing much better with some people, sunday she gave dad a high five with a right on, instead of the normal wave from a distance! woo hooo what a huge step for her! Loralie is doing great she's too smart for her own good most of the time, and it drives me crazy but she is an awesome helper most of the time.

So a blog I wrote about earlier, how time flies by, well trace atkins wrote a song that explains so well what my blog is basically about. the song is called "you're gonna miss this" oh my goodness this song is so great you'll have to look it up and listen to it sometime soon!

okay I'm off to hang with the kiddos, i'll blog again soon!

Friday, June 13, 2008

and It's Friday the 13th

So it's friday the 13th and it's been over a week since I blogged. Sorry! Anyway we've been busy. Still trying to get the house set up, we had my nieces graduation(which was awesome). We are planning on having my dad and josephine over sunday so we can cook dinner for him for fathers day. We are gonna grill some chicken. yummy. The kids are growing like weeds, I can't believe how big they are. Miranda has an appt with an orthopedist on the 23rd so hopefully we'll get more answers about her legs, we did find out one is about half and inch shorter than the other. Poor girl. She's so smart and such a pain all at the same time. She gives diva a whole new definition. So they are coloring which is giving me the 5 mins I needed to be able to catch everyone up. I got a new camera, yet another wonderful surprise from billy. he's awesome! i love it so far! the pics seem to come out really great! Okay so that's what we've been doing, I'll catch up more later when I have a few more minutes!

blog at ya later!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And the days just roll on by

I am amazed with how fast time goes anymore. I remember a time when I was in school and the days could not go fast enough for me. I would wish my time away nonstop. My daddy always told me that one day time will fly by so fast you'd just wish it would slow down, so you could catch up. But did I stop wishing my time away? heck no! I kept wishing my life away, wishing I'd be 13 so I could be a teenager, wishing I was 16 so I could get my license, wishing i would hurry up and graduate, wishing the weekdays would go by faster so the weekend would come along. Well now I have realized that all my wishes came true because my life if flying past me and I can't freaking catch up with it.

My girls are growing so fast, I swear every time Lore gets up she's grown another inch. Miranda comes up with something new she's learned every hour just about and I'm like what the hell, where did you learn that, and Tripp, we won't even go there with him. You know how fast babies grow. So what have I done? I have wished my life would go faster but now I want it to slow down some so I can enjoy my kids. I mean we get up have breakfast, clean up, watch a show, it's time for lunch, then nap time, play for a bit, I fix dinner, then it's bath and bedtime. My days fly by, it's bedtime before I realize it. Why didn't I just savor my time back then? I look back on it and have such fond memories of my school and college days, and now I realize I was always looking for more. Well now that I have my more, i want it to slow the hell down!

Tomorrow I am taking Ranna to the doc about her legs. I am really surprised at how fast they want to see us! I called today to set up Tripps well child and told them I'd like to get an appt for Miranda's legs sometime and explained to them what was going on and they said they had an appt tomorrow. So at 10:30 we are on our way to the pedi. So that will definitely take part of my day away. i sure hope they figure out a way to ease my mind about her legs and feet. Either by telling me she'll be fine or helping me to correct the problems I see.

Right now I'm trying to enjoy the time I have with everyone because with the way time goes, you never know when you'll see people. I'm enjoying getting to spend time with my dad. I really missed him. We've always had the best relationship. I hate the fact that he's getting older, I sure wish there was a way to freeze his aging process so that he could be around us forever. The girls are loving having him near. They love their papaw! He came by twice today and that totally made their day! Miranda still won't give him hugs but she did say bye and wave and blow kisses to him before he left, which is a major step for her. She usually just hides till he's driving down the driveway, then she yells bye papaw, lub you and blows him kisses....but tonight he finally got to see it! Today he brought us a new gas grill, he told me that's billy and my birthday presents. Which is fine with me because woo hooo that kept me from having to buy one, and I still have options for billy's fathers day present. Now I have to figure out what to get dad for fathers day and his birthday.

So anyway I guess what this blog is really suppose to be saying is, don't wish your life away! enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. Time flies and you never know when you are gonna wish you had that five minutes back you wished away.

i blog to ya later.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wow it's June already?!?!

I can't believe it's June already! Tripp will be 5 months old in a couple days! I guess I need to get looking for a ped. here for the kiddos! I am hoping that this ped will take our worries about miranda's legs more seriously than our last one, as it seems like she's not outgrowing it. So our house is slowly getting put together. Man is it taking forever. Tomorrow our new to us furniture is arriving via my dad. My mom has decided she wanted some new furniture so she offered to give us her couch, reclining love seat and chase lounge, so we graciously accepted, since new furniture and kids don't go well together and we were going to have to buy at least a couch. So my dad has to go down to S.H. tomorrow to go to the doc and he's gonna run by her house on the way out of town and pick it up and bring it back to me! how awesome is that!!! The furniture is in great shape especially the reclining love seat which is what I'm the most excited about. It'll be nice to have our furniture to sit on, since right now we have a worn out love seat and a pretty uncomfortable rocking chair to sit on!

So yesterday Billy and dad went and picked up our fridge, woo hoo! I love it, I'm so happy billy went ahead and got one. There was one here but it only had one shelf, so it wouldn't hold very much. Well our new one, while it's nothing super fancy, holds a ton!!! We also finally are in a house that has a dishwasher!!! I cannot believe how much easier it is to keep a kitchen clean when you have a dishwasher. I have a little routine going each night and it only takes a few minutes and i'm done. whereas before it took forever, since I hate washing dishes! Miranda even tries to help with the unloading of the dishes. It's pretty cool.

So in the morning it's back to our regular schedule. Billy has to go back to work so it's just the kiddos and me again. I think we'll be fine but we've enjoyed having billy home. Miranda is the one who will probably have the hardest time, as she loves being daddy's shadow. It's funny, that was my nickname growing up, where ever my dad went I was right there with him. Lore will do fine as she adapts well to everything and Tripp will just keep on keeping on. However we think tripp is trying to cut some teeth. He hasn't been our happy go lucky little boy lately, he's been a little more fussy, however he tries to give us big grins in between the fussiness. I'm hoping to start working with lore some during the summer on her writing? we'll see how that goes. She colored the pretties pic ever the other day at cracker barrel! she stayed in the lines! I was amazed, I mean she's only 3! Well I'm off to bed as the kids have decided that 7:30 ish is the time they want to wake up in the morning, which sucks for me! anyhow, I'll write more soon!