Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a wonderful feeling

When you pull a smaller pair of jeans out of the closet that you bought a few years back (and couldn't fit in then as the sizing was weird) and be able to slide them on and have plenty of room to spare! Okay so here's the story of these jeans, I bought them from Roamans or something like that and I don't' have a clue what the size is as when they arrived the size state on the tag "size Jo". I mean really what the hell is a size Jo? So anyway i couldn't wear them when they arrived so I kept them anyway thinking one day I'll be able to wear them, that was like three years ago. Well this morning I had to take Tripp to the doc so I looked in the closet to see what I had and these jeans screamed at me humor me and try me on. So I took them out knowing I'd be disappointed in they would be too small still and as I slid them on I thought hmmmm not too bad yet. So I got them pulled all the way up and buttoned and zipped and they are perfect...baggy in the butt and legs and comfortable in the waist! wooooo freaking hooooo another size down. I have to say it felt good to put those jeans on I'd never been able to wear!!!

That's all for now, I'll blog more soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Wow how boring am I. Not much going on here. I'm starting to work out. I got a Wii Fit and i love love love it! i get on it everyday and do different things to get my body moving. I also have started an aerobics class twice a week at the church we have MOPS at. My first class was last night, it was pretty fun and wasn't anything I couldn't keep up with and I didn't have anyone yelling at me so that was nice. however they did hold hands before and after and sang a song at the end that I found a little weird...but the exercise itself was really nice!

Tripp has surgery on his eyes in is scheduled for March 2nd. He's got to get his tear ducts opened up. Hopefully that will help with his eye infections and constant runny nose!!! The girls are doing well. Lore hasn't had school for almost two weeks! She goes tomorrow thankfully and it's picture day, yay. Miranda is doing great, she's pretty smart and has her well child appt on the 10th.

Well that's all on us...see boring! lol I'll post again when I have something more exciting to post!