Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vaca time

So not much is going on here...same ole same ole. I have now lost 101 lbs! woo hoo! Things are going well since the surgery, I haven't had any issues thankfully. I try not to weigh myself often as I get frustrated if it doesn't show any I know how silly is that. Anyway I leave to go to Vegas this sat (march 28th). I can't wait. I'm meeting one of my oldest best friends out there (she's flying up from Austin). We are going to have such a great time. We had booked a room through hotwire at Caesars palace. Well hotwire notified us that since Caesars had been bumped from a 5 star to a 4 star they moved us to the Venetian (which looks even better!). So I'll get there sat afternoon and enjoy some grown up time without kids wooo hooo! I fly back Tuesday and get home Tuesday night.

Wed morning, Billy, the kids and I are leaving for a little vacation to Pigeon Forge. We are super excited about that. It'll be nice to get away and have some fun. So that's whats going on with us. I'll be happy when the warm weather is here to stay so all the sickies will be gone for good! That's all for now! I'll post about my trip sometime when I get back!

Monday, March 9, 2009

12 weeks post op!

Well it's been 12 weeks since my surgery and here are my new pics...the total weight loss so far is 96lbs:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Slow and Steady wins the Race

That's the phrase I'm going to keep in mind as I am slowly taking the pounds off compared to some post surgery people I have read about. I'm now at 91lbs lost, so I'm over halfway to my goal. My clothing size is steadily going down and I'm thrilled about that. I'm not exactly sure what my goal is as I will figure that out when I'm to a size I like (I think). I'm doing well with the eating and drinking. I'm hoping to get an elliptical soon and it will live in my living room so that I have to look at it all the time and will be more apt to get on it all the time. I love my wii fit and get on that almost every day. So that's all on me.

Tripp had surgery Monday during our big snow of the year. We left Billy and the girls at the hotel at 6am and drove the mile to the hospital on snow/ice covered roads and made it there only to find out that the building was closed so thankfully I got ahold of someone in the surgery center and they came down and let us in. Tripp got taken back at 8 (we had to be there at 6:30) due to staff being late etc. and was done and awake in recovery by 8:45 and we were back at the hotel by 9:30. He is doing well and hasn't had any issues since surgery. So hopefully this will work.

Miranda has been potty training for almost 2 weeks now and is doing great! How sad is it I bribed her with m&m's and being able to take tumbling or dance after she is potty trained? We were going to put her in something like that anyway because she wanted too however the classes only allow kids that are potty trained. So pretty much she is close to that goal. That is also the only way she can go to preschool is if she is potty trained. So wooo hooo we are almost there!

Loralie is doing great. She is too smart for her own good sometimes. She's full of questions, lots and lots of questions especially about signs on the side of the road. She sings a lot and is learning a ton of songs in preschool. Her class is doing a spring program and she's super excited about that! She tries my patience everyday but I know that's because she so like me it's scary!

Billy is doing great, work work work, that's what he's been doing. We are trying to plan a little mini vacation. Not sure where to or what we are going to do but it's going to be the week that I get back from Vegas.

Anyway that's us and what's been going on. Not too exciting huh?