Friday, December 26, 2008

Almost 2 weeks out

Well I'm just shy of two weeks post op. The surgery went really well. They started the surgery (all the pre surgery crap questions etc as soon as I got there) at 8:30, and i have to say I am pretty impressed. I had a nurse that was there my entire surgery and her main focus was informing my family. Billy went back to the hotel after he got the call saying they had started surgery, so he could be with the kids and my mom. He said she called at least every 2 hours and at about 11:30 said the bypass was over and they were working on my gall bladder. At about 1:30 he got the call from the Fellow (almost a doc) that they were done, I was awake, not coherent but awake but the surgery went really well. My gall bladder was full of stones and not just the few they saw on the ultrasound and he was shocked I hadn't been in pain from them for a while and guessed in the next 6 mths to a year I would have had to have it out.

So now I'm in recovery, I am beyond loopy and nauseated, Que the nausea drugs, okay that knocks me back out. I keep half opening my eye and I see my surgeon is talking to me, and i guess he was explaining how everything went, I have no clue what he said. I was out of it. Then I remember rolling through the halls and I woke up in my room. Okay well now I'm still sick and they've given me everything they could. I kept trying to get my nurses attention and let him know i need that cup of water with the swab thing to swab my mouth as I was so dry it hurt. Well he kept looking at me like I was freaking speaking Latin or something. I'd buzz he'd come in ignore what i said and walk out with a look on his face like she won't remember this. Well he's an ass. Anyway Billy came in by himself first and he thought I looked rough but I'll come to that. Oh and he thought the anesthesia was still working on me lol. So he brought each of the kids in to see me one at at time since I could only have two visitors at a time. Which i could see the worry on the kids faces and that sucked. After Billy and the kids said their good byes My mom came in and looked worried as I was just so freaking sick and the damn nurse wouldn't help me at all. Well he finally comes in and my mom notices a tube from my iv on the floor. She shows dumbass (the nurse this is now his name) and he kinda shrugs and she's like this is her line from her pain meds (she's a nurse practitioner and was a RN for years she knows her stuff). He walks out. After a while we realize he's not coming back in ring the nurse station again and thankfully the Fellow comes in and my mom explains to him what's going on and he goes out and makes dumbass come in. Dumbass is looking around like he doesn't know wth to do and walks out and the Fellow (I can't remember his name) is like WTF and tries to reattach it himself. Now they realize the pump isn't working probably because I've been pressing that damn button trying to get some relief and nothing happened. The nice fellow got pissed and called my surgeon, who showed up and got more crap going. The nurse supervisor on duty came in with dumb ass and stuff finally got done and finally I got some pain meds. My surgeon also wrote up dumb ass. Finally 7pm got there and dumbass was no longer my nurse. My new nurse was really nice and must have made mom more comfortable as she finally went back to the hotel around 9ish or so.

So my hemoglobin kept running low so I couldn't get out of the bed to do my walking like they wanted me too, which is probably good because man I was out there. At 5am i got the okay and started walking. which I wanted to do so i could get that cath out of my who ha. Now I'm cooking no cath, my mom came over and we walked she helped me wash up some and i got my awesome snowman pj bottoms on and I finally got something to drink in these tiny little cups but it was the best ever! Sweet! Billy came back that Afternoon and I was sitting up in the chair hanging out etc. the kids looked a little more at ease when they saw me this time. and mom kept the kids so Billy could come back and see me by himself for a while. Over night i was on my own with my nurse and i walked the halls every two hours because I wanted out the next day.

Day 3 is Wednesday and I'm doing good for lunch they switched me to full liquid and if I could tolerate that I can go home. Yup i tolerated and home i went. Thankfully the surgery was laproscopic so the pain wasn't two bad, and I had a script for some percocet. Went to walmart and got that filled and came home and set up camp on the recliner as I knew that's where I'd be sleeping for awhile.

So the healing has been going well. I was in my own bed in less than a week woo hoo. I took the percocet for less than a week, now I just use Tylenol. I try to walk everyday somewhere even if it's up and down my hall several times. Our Christmas was wonderful. Billy has been awesome he has tried to make it so I don't have to do anything! it's been fabulous. I have a post op appt on Jan 8th to find out how I'm doing. I'm tolerating V8 really well and on Tuesday I can move off of full liquid and start a pureed really soft food diet. so wish me luck! Sorry this is so long but this is the longest stretch and clearest my mind has been since the surgery. Take care everyone, now I'm planning Tripps 1st bday for the 4th then two weeks later it's Ran's 3rd bday on the 17th! crazy month! I'll post more later but that's what's been going on with me!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My last day...

as the old me! Well so far I'm down 51lbs. Pretty good eh! Too bad I can't do this on my own and just keep it all off, however if i could have I would have before, plus I'm not eating good at all. But anyway I'm ready for a fresh new start.

Tomorrow at this time I should hopefully be done with surgery as I have to be there at 5:30 in the morning. I'm nervous as hell sometimes so bad I get sick to my stomach. I'm worried about so many things it's driving me a little crazy. Mostly I'm worried about how my kids will do, if they are going to be good, if they are going to be okay without me and how will they be if anything (God forbid) happens to me. I knew I was going to be nervous but it's eating me up inside I just worry because I want the best outcome however there's this little thought in the back of my head yelling what if something happens bad and you aren't there for your kids anymore or for Billy? It's driving me crazy! I am trying to stay positive and thankfully I have lots of people praying for me, so i know everything will be okay, but that stupid thought won't leave my head. I guess it's totally normal but I don't like it!

I have some awesome friends here that are going to bring meals for billy and the kids after the surgery so he doesn't have to worry about cooking! I think it's awesome. I really just want everything to be easy on them, thus the reason all of our Christmas shopping is done and Billy's stuff from the kids and me is already wrapped. So I think everything is in order, well at least i hope it is. So this will be my last blog for a few days unless the hospital has Internet and then i may be able to post an update. Billy is going to text people to let them know when I'm out of surgery and how it went. I'll also have my cell phone after it's all done so text me if ya want to. Please say a little prayer for me that everything goes well. and I'll chat with you all soon i hope!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

update on the liquid diet

So I'm on day 6 of the liquid diet and I'm surviving. I have to say this is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. God knows I love food and for 6 days I've given it up completely. Oh my Goodness it sucks! I miss having a grilled burger or a nice piece of grilled chicken. I have moments the past 6 days I've almost said screw these shakes I want a burger!!! And let me tell you these low carb high protein shakes are not the most wonderful thing. Thankfully I've added decaf tea to my daily intake and that helps for the flavor, but i still crave something good. Something with flavor and crunch. The first day was the worst, I was in a horrible mood and was pissy and mad at the world. The second day was better. But now it's getting bearable.

I mean I feel like I'm in the book Twilight and the human blood I crave is the one that I can't have. I want real food but it's off limits. I want to taste the garlic and meat of a wonderful burger my husband makes that's so yummy. I will be happy in 8 days when this will all be over with and I can not feel the hunger anymore. And I know I'll be even more happy when all the extra weight is gone and I can enjoy my life once again.

As the surgery draws closer I am starting to freak out some with all the what if's that run through my head. Oh they are the worst. What if I'm never able to eat real food again, what if I don't make it through the surgery in the best possible way? what if I don't make it through surgery? What if I'm not able to be a great mom to my kids because the surgery does something horrible to me? and there are so many more but I'll spare you. I try to keep thinking why I am doing this. I want to play with my kids, I want to live a long life and enjoy it, I want to be happy with the way I look, I want to show my kids a healthier way to live. So it's an up and down roller coaster right now.

All in all I'm hanging in there, it's hard but I can do it, I'm almost halfway through it now! woo hoo! Just one more week and I'll be done with the horrid hunger i feel. Everything is in order now, all of our Christmas presents are bought, our Christmas decorations are up and now we just have some stuff to ship off, and we'll be done. I have Mops Monday and it's going to be a busy fun one, I have a cookie/ornament exchange Friday night (getting some cookies for billy and the girl at the hotel), and a party to go to Saturday afternoon. Sunday we leave to stay the night in Richmond and Monday the 15th i have my surgery, not sure what time. They are suppose to call me Friday to let me know for sure of the time. I'm excited and i know this is going to be great. I know God will help guide the surgeons hands for a successful surgery. This is going to be great in a few months! I just know it!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Really Quick

Well the countdown is on...two weeks from today is my surgery. It's coming up so quick!!! I'm starting to freak out! But I know it'll be okay. So today is just a little something funny. I just wanted to show you a cute thing I did so i hope you enjoy!

I'll post more later about our Thanksgiving as it was great!