Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Labor Day Weekend!

Holy moly where has the time went???? The summer is over, Lore starts school Tuesday and the time is going by so fast i can't keep up! I can't keep up with the cleaning or grocery shopping. It's pretty sad that I'm having such a hard time keep up with stuff. Tripp is already pulling up to standing and trying to cruise around. Stress around here is pretty high lately and i'm not sure why. It just seems there is so much going on that everyone is having a hard time keeping up. Oh my goodness it's so irritating to feel like you can't catch up. So that's my life I think we just need a vacation, but who has time for that....ugghhhhhhhh. I'll catch ya'll up more later. I'm hoping for some big news (no not pregnancy news as billy's getting the big "V" cause we are done!). so hopefully I'll have that to share really soon! So take at easy ya'll! and i'll chat with ya soon!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wow it's august!

Yup once again I suck and haven't been on to blog. Sorry bout that. So not much is going on here, same ole same ole. Lore and ran are being typical girls and fighting a lot, well not fighting so much as getting irritated with each other. I think it will help some once Loralie starts preschool right after Labor day! She's so excited as am I for her. Miranda is sweet and funny, she's been a little mad at billy since he's been home. It's a little sad as she used to be daddy's little girl but now I think she's holding a grudge against him for being gone for two weeks. Hopefully she'll get over that soon! Tripp is doing great, growing like a weed and pulling up to standing using various things. uggh they are growing too fast. So that's it for my update, exciting huh. Not much going on just us being us. Billy's been working alot, we finally got the wall up in the basement. I'm doing the same staying at home nothing thrilling there. Hope ya'll are doing well and i'll update again once something exciting