Monday, July 28, 2008

it's been a few weeks

Sorry about that but it's been a busy few weeks. As in my previous blog Billy was gone until the 18th, then was on vacation last week. Last week we did a lot of short trips here and there, nothing super fancy or anything. I took Miranda to the Childrens museum in Richmond Tuesday, billy took the girls to walle wed, thurs we went to visit my mom, friday we attempted to clean some and i went grocery shopping, sat we went swimming at my sisters and got home super late and sunday (yesterday) an old friend Leah and her mom came down to visit and we had a great day! So it's back to work for billy today fun fun, okay not so much.

The girls did so great swimming, lore had water wings on and was attempting to swim paddling and kicking it was great! and Miranda was jumping off the side of the pool and going under water. Tripp played in his floatie for hours in the water...and then ate and slept for a couple was a great swimming trip. Lore told her uncle horst "your boob hair is CRAZY!" to which we all got a huge laugh as he didn't understand her so she said it slower and louder while pointing "the hair on your boobies is crazy!" haahhahaha kids are soooo funny!

okay so that's all for now! I'll blog again soon i'm sure!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hanging out just the kids and me

That's what we are doing. Billy's in Dallas, and the first few days have went really well. Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 32 and for some reason 32 seems older to me than when I was turning 31. I know it sounds wierd but turning 31 was okay but 32 I'm thinking good lord I'm getting old and that sucks! Well my birthday was pretty good. I got lots of birthday wishes, Billy sent me some flowers, my dad got me a cake so the girls were thrilled, they don't believe it's a birthday unless there's cake.

Tripps 6 mth appointment went well. He's a big boy. 21lbs 6ozs and 27.5 inches tall. He got his shots and all checked out and he's doing great. Miranda went with me as Lore got to stay at her papaws and play with her cousins and her aunt and uncle. Granted her cousins are 15-17 but they all had such a great time. When we went back to pick her up we stayed for a while and Miranda got to join in on the fun. I'm so happy with how much Miranda has stepped out of her shell. She is still really shy but she doesn't cry anymore when someone tries to pick her up.

So there's a little update, things are going well so far with it just being the kids and me. I hope it continues to go so well. I'll try to chat more with ya'll later. and thanks for all the birthday wishes!!! take care!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Hey there everyone! It's the 4th of july and i hope everyone is enjoying a great day with their families! I'm sitting here watching clean house as Tripp plays on the floor, what are my plans for the day you might ask? nothing but cleaning my house probably because Billy is working on a job that he couldn't turn down due to the bonus and double time paid. Does it irritate me? Yes! However we aren't rich so we can't turn down the opportunity to make the money. Oh well. So what else is going on? not much Billy leaves monday for 2 weeks, that sucks. My house is a mess and I can't catch up. The girls are doing pretty good, tripp right now isn't very happy. He's a little grouchy. Well I hope everyone has a great day! take care!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's been awhile....

since I've been able to blog. So here I am trying to get one in really quick. So what's been going on with me you ask? Well, I've been being an ass because I'm pissed Billy's got to go to training for two weeks (over my birthday). We tried to find a cheap flight so he could come home over the weekend but no finding a cheap fare for us! This is one of the times I wished we still lived in Wichita, as we (the kids and I) could just drive down there for the weekend. I don't know why I get so mad or upset about something he has to do. I guess i'm just a butt? who knows?

What's been going on with the kids, well tripp now has two teeth, sits up and plays without falling over, scoots all around the place, and interacts/plays more with you (kinda like a mocking game, he sighs you sigh, he sighs could go on forever). He goes in on the 3rd for his 6 mth appt. Wth 6 mths where did the freaking time go? man it goes by way too fast!!!! before I know it he'll be walking, then running then off to college for him. lol.

Miranda hmmmmm she hasn't really been doing much but being her typical diva self. She is more rotten than I could have ever imagined. She is in that no stage, she'll say no to just about everything (however she ends up doing whatever you ask even though she says no). She went to the ortho and she is good, apparently she's gonna be an olympic runner. Ha he hasn't see her run, if anyone has watched the friends episode where phoebe is running, that's my child except she falls down a lot. No seriously the appointment went well. She has really loose joints which causes a turn in at her feet, but he says if you look at most olympic sprinters they have a slight turn in like hers. He bones are straight and everything else looks good. The loose joints give her what's called a nurse maids elbow, which is where it kinda get's wrenched really easy (just about pops out) and it hurts her really bad to the point she won't use it. what's the remedy for that, don't hold that hand when she's walking cause when she falls and you try to catch her, she almost always messes that elbow up. So that was a pretty good appt.

Loralie she is so much like me it's pretty sad and I wish she wasn't. She get's so flustrated if she's trying to (lets say) put a puzzle together for the first time and can't get it as fast as she'd like. I mean to the point of crying mad/flustrated. I hate that she gets that from me. I hate that I'm like that, I just like to be able to do shit right and not have it take long the first time. So she's smart as can be and I'm excited for her to start preschool but also sad about it. I'm gonna miss her, she's usually such a helper around here with Tripp, and she's Miranda's playmate. I wonder how miranda is gonna take her being gone. She's excited she get's to change her earrings soon. I wonder how excited she will be when the time comes lol.

So for me, nothing going on here, me just being pissed I'm gonna be parenting by myself for the next two weeks. The girls will most likely drive me crazy as they like to fight nonstop, well most of the time. Tripp is pretty happy usually unless he is one of his moods that he wants everyones undivided attention. Oh well such is life...I guess I'll blog again when i have time. I'm sure I'll make some time, especially because I know I'll have to have a place to vent out my daily crap over the next two weeks. Anyone have a big ass margarita machine, maybe I'll turn to drinking for a couple