Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's that time!

It's time for the new season of shows! I'm super excited. We'll I've already started watching The Vampire Diaries and I think I'm gonna love it! Ahhhhh it seems like it's going to be soooooo good! I love the good vs bad vampire in it. And it kinda helps that Boone from LOST is the bad Vamp! can we say Hootttttt! It's a typical CW show and I love it. As I've been a long time CW (WB) watcher. I watched 7th Heaven from beginning to end, Smallville, Dawsons Creek (another beginning to end) and the list goes on and on. Actually I don't think there was a show that came on the WB that I didnt watch. I am however disappointed with One Tree Hill this season! I mean how can you really have One Tree Hill without Lucas and Peyton? Ugghhhh But being the loyal fan I am, I'm going to keep trying to watch it and see where it goes, however I think this will probably be the last season of it.

Now on to other shows. I watched the season Premiere of Heroes! It was goooood! Not sure really where they are going this season but I'm excited to see. Of course I can't wait to see Greys, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate housewives, Private Practice etc...but what I really can't wait to see is Eastwick! that comes on tonight! I'm totally excited about it as I loved Charmed and hope it's gonna be something like that even if it's not I'm soooo excited about it. Also Flashforward looks awesome! OMG all the new shows coming out look freaking awesome. THere is The Forgotten that has Christian Slater in it and I really hope it's good because I love him! Ahhhhhhh soooo much TV sooooo little time! Biggest loser started up too and it looks like it's going to be a good season! Good thing I have two DVR's. Okay so I guess that's enough TV talk but man I'm excited about the new seasons starting up on all the shows! woo hooo!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

6 Word Saturday!

My 6 words: Thrilled! the MOPS picnic was wonderful!

see explination here:

Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally new pics...

Before and's been 9 months and I think all is going well! I'm super happy with how things are going and I can say I've lost an entire person now! wooo hooo!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I can't believe it's September already!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in 3 months! Good Lord I can't believe it's been 3 months! Anyway it was a busy summer of fun fun and more fun! Lets see, We went to Busch Gardens Several times and to the beach. We had a great time at both and look forward to going back to Busch Gardens in Oct for Hallowscream! woo hooo! I'm doing great, I feel wonderful and go to the gym 3 to 5 days a week depending on how my week is going. In the summer I was averaging 4 or 5 days a week. It feels great to be able to actually work out and not really feel like I'm gonna die, lol.

One to the kids, Loralie is great, she's sooooo super smart and has the smart attitude to go with it. She started Pre K on Tuesday and it's a much more structured setting than her preschool class last year. She loves it. She is such a big kid she's bigger than most of the 5 year olds in the class actually I think she is bigger than all of the kids in her class. Her class is the older 4.5 year old class mainly set up for kids who turn 5 in Sept but aren't really ready for Kindergarten yet. Which I'm happy about because now she won't be the oldest kid in her class anymore. And everyone is pretty equal across the board on what they know. She once again the first day I dropped her off she barely said goodbye to me, I didn't even get a picture of her in her classroom because she was too busy. She was super excited about being in PreK and i know will do great! I now have to watch what I listen to on the radio as she picks up songs really quick and some of the songs she picks up aren't ones a 4 almost 5 yr old should be singing. I finally cut alot of length off of her hair at the beginning of the summer. Her hair is so thick it is unbelievable how thick it is. So we took about 6 inches off and layered it and that helped with some of the problems she was having with it. She would get super hot while playing and her hair was just a huge issue with the heat. She didn't want to just throw it in a pony, she wanted it down and it was smothering her when she'd play. It's actually grown a lot over the summer so it's about time to get cut again. Her hair is beautiful if it wasn't so thick it would have beautiful little curls/waves in it. Other than that she is doing great we are starting to plan her 5th birthday party for next year (I can't believe she's gonna be 5 next month). That's all for her...shes a great kid with a big heart, she's just sassy

Now for my diva child Miranda. Miranda is doing well, She has a few little medical issues going on but the docs are keeping a check on her for them, we have to take her to the doc every 3 months to make sure everything is in check. Basically she has an overactive adrenal gland that is producing too many hormones that was making stuff develop way too early. So now that we have that in check it's basically a wait and see type of thing. She also has really loose joints which causes her elbow to dislocate super easy (aka nursemaids elbow). Usually if someone pulls on it too hard or she twists it wrong it'll pop out and it seems super painful. It most of the time just takes a shot of Motrin and her letting us push it back together to pop it back in and it's good and feels better in a few hours. Sometimes we may have to go to the doc to have it set back in. This too she should grow out of. She is a super great kid and has the hugest heart in the world. She has all these stuffed animals and they are her babies. She loves them all and if one is missing she knows it and is upset. She gets upset if she thinks she hurts our feelings by being a smart ass. She is a total Diva though. She has to have her clothes match, her hair a certain way, always wants fingernail polish and if her polish chips it needs to be fixed asap. she's super prissy acting and always has something imaginative going on in her head. There are days I wish I could just see what she was thinking because when she's in her own little world the look on her face is priceless. She looks so happy and dreamy it's awesome. She even with as sweet as she sounds has a super huge attitude and is stubborn. Now where she gets that from is beyond me (lol) but she has it and it drives me insane. If she doesn't want to do or eat something it's a huge pain to get her to do so and it will drive you crazy. She started Preschool Wednesday. She did so much better than I thought she would. When we went to VBS she cried when I left everyday and that freaking killed me. Well I took her in Wed. she gave me a big extended hug on my leg and a kiss and I told her goodbye. She started to walk with me to the door to say bye again and her teacher said Hey Miranda would you like to paint, to which my little girl turned into a big one and said yeah! and took off over there without a single look back at me. It's kinda sad but I'm super happy she is loving school and doesn't give me a fit when I drop her off. That's all on Miranda.

Now on to my most trying child Tripp. While I love him beyond words he is the most trying of the three. He gets into everything, tears everything up and is mean as a snake while being sweet at the same time. We call him our sour patch kid because he'll pull one of the girls hair (hard) and then want a hug or he'll whack you or do something he's not suppose to do and then give you this innocent sweet look. He is absolutely rotten. He is doing well though, getting taller and growing like a weed and is as strong as an ox. He is learning so many words it's insane. He has also became an escape artist and escapes his crib all the time now and that's just depressing. I no longer have a baby! He climbs and gets into stuff way more than the girls ever did. But he's my baby boy and I love him to pieces. even with all the rottenness he has in him. Oh and I still haven't cut his hair, he gets called a girl all the time and that sucks. I've been told by several old people to cut his hair (people I don't' know) and usually that makes me not want to cut it that much more. I usually just nod and keep on walking. He's got such cute curls and maybe for Halloween he'll be a pirate. He is enjoying the time Miranda and Loralie are gone however when Lore and Ran get home he gives them the biggest hugs, so i know he missed them! Hes got a smile that will melt your heart. which is probably why he's sooooo rotten. and that's about it for Tripp.

So that's all that's going on here. Oh I got a new (well new to me) Truck it's a 2005 Explorer and I love it. I don't love the gas mileage it gets very much, but it's not that bad. So now I'm going back to organizing my house, I've been working on it the past couple weekends and am gonna get back at it. So I hope I have appeased Anna who scolded me about my blog with this super long blog But I think that we are all up to date on everything. Oh billys doing good, he works alot, and is going to Phoenix in Oct actually leaving on Lores bday (she's not gonna be happy about that). But he'll be working 10 hours on that Sunday and that's double time woo hooo! Okay that's all folks...peace out homies and I'll post new updated pics soon!