Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Election (strong republican politial views)

Good Lord I will be so glad when this election is over! Don't get me wrong I'm right there with getting my political point out, but for some reason this freaking election is bringing out the crazies. People stealing signs, defacing property and yesterday people went into a Republican office here and assaulted two people in there. WTH. We all have a right to say what we want, have our own views and be free thinkers! I mean there has been a million times this election I've wanted to say to people "Get your head out of your ass and quit letting Obama blow smoke up your ass". Sure he's a very good speaker but how much do you really know about him and how he will run things? I mean sure we know that he's young and some find him hot, but shit some found Bill Clinton Sexy! Gross! To me Obama seems like one of the sea sirens his voice is so smooth and unaltered however when we elect him I worry he will bring us to our demise. I mean why would he be reading the book "A post America World"? If you don't believe me I'll find a pic and post it if I have to. Another problem I have issue with is how can you vote for someone who keeps friends like the ones he has? I mean a known terrorist and a racist? seriously! They say said terrorist isn't one anymore he is a professor, wth he said they didn't bomb enough and should have bombed more. Yeah sounds like he's a stand up citizen! And the man who led him on his spiritual journey through life said some of the most horrid racist things during his sermons. How can you still vote for someone who associates himself with these people. Another reason I can't vote for Obama is the fact of late term abortion and the fact that he voted against helping the babies that try to survive being aborted so late. The babies that come out alive that the medical staff can't legally help because it's against the law according to what Obama voted for. I mean that is a precious child that could have lived and someone would want to adopt, to love, to care for. There are so many other reasons I wouldn't vote for Obama but these are just a few. I just don't know how people can vote for someone like this? I mean WTH are people thinking.

I have some friends moms themselves that say they won't vote for McCain because of Palin. Not because she doesn't have the knowledge to do the job but because they feel she should be home with her kids. OMG are you freaking kidding me! I mean seriously it's a double standard. if Sarah Palin was a man this shit that's being said by many wouldn't even be brought up. I mean how many VP candidates have had people look into how much they spent on their wardrobe? Or said "his" daughter got pregnant how's he going to run the country? Oh because she's a woman it gets thrown in the mix of reasons she's not qualified. I told billy after a debate people were going to be talking her clothing, I even went as far to say that wow I would have worn flats if i had to stand in one place that long. To which Billy said "I wonder why she didn't" I said "because everyone would have been like "can you believe she wore FLATS!!!!" You know I really though this we had grown as women but there are some that are just keeping us back in the old ages of the woman should stay at home, the woman has to wear heals, the woman isn't intelligent enough to run a country. I mean people were even talking about what Hillary Clinton was wearing! I mean how many times did she joked on about her suits. I know Sarah Palin is new to this but shit so is Obama! How can you even say she's not experienced enough without saying Obama doesn't have enough experience? I feel if she gets in she will bring a fresh mind to our Government.

So all I'm asking is please take a second to think about who you are voting for. and why you are voting for them. Don't vote because your mind has been clouded by the way he speaks, think about what he really stands for. I mean he says "Change" but what is he really going to Change? and is this "Change" really going to be for the good? I don't think so. So first go out there and vote! Second, Please please please think about why you are voting for the person, I mean don't vote for or against someone just because of their race or sex. Vote for the person you think will pass along your views the best. Oh and by the way I don't belong to any particular party but this time I will be voting Republican as I feel they best say/express my views. Oh and all this racial and sexist bullshit needs to stop we are freaking past that. We are all Americans!!!!

Oh and if your going to leave a comment please say who you are...good or bad as I like all feed back but hate it when you can't say who you are, it makes me think you don't really believing the comment you are leaving.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a great day!

So yesterday was Lore's 4th Birthday. Well we didn't celebrate until today. I mean we told her her bday was yesterday and told her happy birthday day etc...she was super excited to be four! So yesterday I did most of the cooking and billy and I did the cleaning and rearranged our living room and dining room to accomidate the 20+people we were fitting in our kinda small house.

So anyway Today started and was a whirlwind from the get go. I got up, had coffee, left for Walmart. Well I had to break shitty on the cake people for trying to make me wait longer than I was going to (they screwed something up). Anyway I got it handled and was back home by 10am. Shortly after I got here an old friend and her daughter showed up and and it was wonderful to see them. They helped entertain the kids and set up. Then my mom showed up with Richard and my aunt and her "friend". So it was already becoming a madhouse...lol. It was great and Lore was beyond excited!!! More people showed up and it got more crazy and more fun. Old friends I haven't seen since I was 25 but kept up with online came and that was awesome! Lore loved everyone and is loving meeting all of these new people here. Believe it or not Miranda is even getting more sociable!!! It's great. However Tripp I guess has hit a momma or daddy only stage. OMG it's driving me nuts. So everyone ate, everyone sang to Lore which she just thought was the best thing ever! Then it was time for presents! Well she made out with some awesome stuff and I have to say billy and I did great getting her the leapster 2 she has played with it ever since we opened it! She loves it. And any card that had money in it she took it out and put it straight in her piggy bank!

People started filing out and thinking things were winding down and another of my uncles and aunt came over to eat hang out, So I called my dad and told him he had to come up and have some coffee with us, so he did. I think at about 6:30 everyone was finally gone and we could clean and relax a little. Loralie proceeded to say "this is the best birthday party ever". It makes me so happy to be back here! For the kids to really get to know all of their family and extended family make it so great! Don't get me wrong I had to explain to lore why her usual party go'ers weren't coming several times and she was a little bummed but I think she still had a great time! So anyway! All in all it was the best day ever for a 4 year old...lol! And it was a highly awesome day for me and billy! Miranda had a blast and had plenty of peeps to swing her and play with her so she was super happy! But the best part is seeing all the people who've never met my kids just be here to love on them and make the party awesome for Loralie. It also makes my day to see how Loralie and Miranda is with my dad (their papaw). They love him soooo much and it's so great to see it. I love watching them with him, how if he moves they have to follow him around and just keep up with him. My friends back in Wichita would not believe how much Miranda has came out of her shell. She is a totally different person.

So I just wanted to share my awesome day of birthday celebration and reunions of really great friends! Life is good, I'm totally blessed to have such awesome friends near and far! I love you all and the ones that are far away I miss you a ton! I'll be one hawt biotch when I come back to visit ya'll! I'm gonna make sure I come when I can sub for bunco! lol or at least crash it! peace out homies! I love you all!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The big reveal!

So as you guys know i've had a secret but I didn't want to tell it till I had all the information. Well I finally have all of my information. I am finally moving forward on a new way of life and a new me. On Dec 1st I'm going to have gastric bypass surgery, as I have had weight issues all of my life well I'm sick of it and need a clean slate to start with. I'm very excited and scared a little nervous etc. I had to lose between 25 and 30lbs to be able to get my dates and I've finally come down that far and now it's time for me to get ready for my surgery! So I know some people will probably think it's a radical thing to do but I know how to diet, I've dieted my entire life and i go up and down. So now I'm going to have a new slate to start my new eating habits! I have to give huge thanks to Jody, Windy and April for helping me research, answering my questions and just being there to listen to me bitch. So thanks ladies! So wish me luck and pray that my surgery goes smooth. I just want to be able to enjoy my kids and have a better way of life! I'm so excited! Sorry if the secret wasn't as great as some thought but man this is huge for me!!! love you guys!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun Foto Meme

So Anna tagged me for this fun photo game.
The rules are to choose the sixth photo from your sixth album and post it with a brief description and/or the story behind it. So here is my photo:

This is Billy with Lore when she was just a year old. It was just us having some fun in our back yard soon after we moved to Wichita. I just can't believe how little she is here. so sweet! Thanks for making me look at my old photos! so sweet to remember!

So now my 6 being tagged:




Jen L



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well Well Well...

So here it is tuesday, three days before my first born is gonna turn 4, and we are planning the menu for her party. It's a little sad realizing how big your baby is getting, and that they actually aren't your baby anymore but a little girl instead. So it looks like her birthday is gonna be a ton of fun filled with family (mostly grown ups) none of the class has rsvp'd yet, well except for Lucas he can't come due to his grandma is getting married. Oh well, apparently he thinks of Loralie as his Girlfriend, and she calls him her "best friend". It's kinda sweet. well billy doesn't think so...lol

So not much is going on here. I started going to MOPS and the kids can go with me as they have a moppetts thingy that takes care of them so I can have a little me time. I went for the first time yesterday and loved it. Miranda however started crying about 5 minutes before i picked her up because she missed me. That made me pretty sad. Loralie of course loved it. Tripp had to stay home due to the fact that he is still getting over his illness. He's doing much better and finishes his antibiotic on thurs. Thank goodness, and it has really helped he's looking and feeling much better probably the best he's felt in a month.

I know everyone wants to know my surprise however I don't want to tell it until I get all my information so I can tell you everything. It's not that I'm trying to be mean, it's just i want to be able to tell you everything not just part of it and say I'm still waiting to hear blah blah blah. So I'm sorry and I will tell you all soon! It probably won't be that big of a thing for ya'll but it is huge for me!

BTW I can't wait for billy to get the all clear because my birth control pills are driving me insane!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


So today I was looking for a fall picture of Miranda and ran across some pictures that actually made tears well up in my eyes. There were pictures of Last years pumpkin patch adventures with my wichita peeps, and of Birthday parties for the girls with my wichita mommas and the girls friends. It made me sad when I realized that none of lores friends that she's had most of her life (even though it's only been a short one) won't be able to be at her party this year. While I'm happy we are here with all of our family, I'm also sad because I miss my friends back in Wichita. I'm miss going to the dairy farm, and pumpkin patch and all the fun parties and get togethers we had. I miss seeing Lores face light up when I'm talking going to the park or zoo to meet her friends. I know I've been here 4 months but I really miss all the fun I had with my wichita family. They are a great group of women and it makes me sad I can't be there with them this year for all of the fall fun they are having.

I've been looking at pumpkin patches here and have found a couple but i know it just won't be the same without all of our friends. I have made a few friends here but everyone is so spread out that I doubt it would be a huge get together like I'm used to. I haven't found a mommy group, as I guess I'm picky, trendy moms and stroller mommas (a group for fit mommys) isn't my cup of tea. I need my beer drinking, shot taking, wine drinking, bunco playing, sex talking, differing opinons, fun loving, get together to eat mommy group. So anyway I'm gonna keep looking for a group I have faith i will find one but i don't think anyone will ever compare to my Wichita Mommys!

Okay pity party over, I just had to get that out because apparently billy thinks I'm crazy whenever I tear up over something like that. However these moms have been there through two of my kiddos births. Awesome ladies and if anyone ever moves to Wichita you have to meet these awesome women!