Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Wednesday...

What a boring day. Wednesday is just a day that has to be one of the worst's just in the middle...okay anyway. Things here are good. Not much going on. Had an open house at Lores school it was mad chaos. Made it through that. Now I need to clean yet I'm not doing it yet. I just have no motivation to get it done. I am going to though as I need to make a ton of meatballs for a family reunion on Saturday. I'm excited about the reunion but also stressed. I have 3 kids now and in the past reunions I was kidless. it's been a few years since we've had a reunion. So now I probably wont' get to chat much, but oh well it'll be great to see everyone. However I am now pmsing and bloated so now I'm irritated and hormonal. bah.

so that's all that's going on here. I'm off to clean, I think...once tripp gets up I'm gonna have to gate them in the back part of the house so I can finish. Have a great rest of your week!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Monday...

So Billy's surgery went well. Well I guess it went as well as can be I have to say it's quite an interesting sight! So Thursday we took Lore to preschool went to the DMV. I have to say the DMV in the smaller town near me it so chatty. I went in there, there were two people ahead of me and 4 people working. So i think awesome this is gonna go fast. Well come to find out these chatty asses are too busy talking with the other customers not at their window about buying a new car (for themselves) or just talking in general that everything takes longer. So I wait and I wait to be called. Finally 30 mins in I get called. by the lady that is the information lady. so not only is she helping me but she's going to have to give numbers out to people as they come in. Freaking wonderful. So she starts filling out my crap and after we are almost done, she realizes she gave me an old form and I'll have to fill out a new one. WTF are you freaking kidding me? Anyway we finally get that done, and by now it's been 45 minutes. So now I get to wait for my picture to be taken. uggghhhh. After about 10 minutes my pic gets taken and then i get to wait for my license. So it freaking took me an hour but hey at least I'm registered to vote here now, there is no way I'm not gonna vote in this election! So we have an hour and some change to get billy's license and the waiting room has filled up! So I said hey why don't we go over to the next town (about a 15 minute drive) and see if we can get yours done before we have to pick up Lore. So I hot tail us over to Staunton, and pull up in the lot and i'm like shit it's busy but get Billy to go in anyway. He goes in and I see him sit down (after getting his number i guess) and then within 2 minutes he's getting up and I'm like holy crap that's fast. I swear he was out in 20 minutes flat! Well I guess that tells us what freaking dmv we should go to when/if we ever need to go to again. So now we are both registered to vote and have our VA drivers license! woo hooo.

So off to pick up lore and grab some lunch. we went to cracker barrell per Miranda's request. Then off to walmart to pick up a few groceries. Ran home to put my frozen stuff up and hopped in the car and took off to Charlottesville to drop Billyoff at the doctor. Dropped him off and we headed to Sams Club for Milk as it's the cheapest there. So got done there go back to pick up billy and in less than an hour and 25 dollar billy got the big "V" done. So That was pretty cool I mean who would have thought for 25 buck you can get the snippy snippy done and not have anymore We made it home by 4:05 which we were 5 minutes late for direct tv peeps getting here to install our dvr. and I fixed dinner while billy sat around with peas on his balls all evening. So he had some discomfort but not much pain which is great. We watched movies that evening so he'd sit still.

Friday I took Ran to Walmart so we could have a little time together and we bought a ton of crap we didn't need. I got home and billy still was cooling the nuts so good for him he's listening to the docs orders. We sat around and watched movies and movies with the girls etc.

Sat was more of the same just watching movies i did some cleaning and stuff like that. Movies watched were Deja vu (awesome movie), Knocked up, 27 dresses, a mickey mouse storybook movie and fools gold, amoung other various shows. So see how wonderfully relaxing our day was? And billy had to ice on and off because he was having some swelling.

Sunday we watched our normal stuff and the race. Billy showed me the boys and I was like holy shit I've never seen balls that big! They had swollen almost twice the size. So I do my normal google stuff and find out it's pretty normal, just to keep icing. so that's what he did. As the swelling didn't have any pain, just some discomfort. Over night Miranda went into a coughing fit (cough left over from the cold) and i got her calmed down just in time as she had started to hyperventalate...that was freaking scary. Well all the comotion woke everyone up, and it took forever to get tripp back to sleep. Lore went back to sleep as soon as I brought Ran back into the room all calmed down and better.

So today I think Billy's balls are almost back down to normal size and he seem to be in a little less discomfort. I can't wait for us to get the all clear so I can try to live my life without birthcontrol pills. I'm also excited about all the big changes going on! So more to come on that really soon! It might not even be a month! but as soon as I know I promise I will pass it on to ya'll!

Sorry this was so long and it has a lot of references to balls and nuts but i couldn't tell the surgery info without referencing the "boys" lmao! so I'll catch up sometime soon! take care peeps!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So it's Sept...

So I have some huge life changes coming. I don't want to disclose exactly what's going on until everything is set. All I can say is it will be a huge life change. I want to tell but I feel better waiting until stuff is set in stone. But i can say one life change going on with us. Billy's getting the big "V" done tomorrow. So no more kids for us for sure! Don't get me wrong I love my kids, however three is enough for me.

So Lore started school last week and she loves it. She loves it so much that she doesn't tell us much about it. I'm guessing it's because it's her thing she gets to do by herself, so she keeps some of it to herself. She is behaving really well and I'm so proud of her. She has brought home her little pictures and frames she has painted and colored in class, it's so sweet! i need a way bigger fridge She loves her brother and her sister. She's usually getting Miranda in trouble and has learned well that when we ask who did something she is way too quick to point out "Miranda" lol. I love her she's so awesome to watch interact with other kids. She is definately the social butterfly. She's got a lot of my wanting to do things right and gets aggrivated if she can't in her...i hate that because i know how frustrating it can be. I hope she grows out of

Miranda, well Miranda is Miranda. She is really her own person. She goes against the grain always. She always does stuff the hard way. If you tell her she shouldn't do that she could get hurt she's gonna do it just to prove she can do it even if she gets hurt. She is all me. She has my attitude all the way. I love her but man sometimes I could just shake (of course I would never). She's super smart. She is growing like a weed, up not out, shes scrawny in a sense. Miranda at the ripe age of 2 and a half is a mini diva apparently. Her outfits have to match, she has to have things a certain way, and she is always She's gonna drive me crazy.

Tripp is growing like a weed! He's cruising! gets up and wanders all around the furniture. He amazes me. He's got 4 teeth now and i can't believe he's already 8 mths old. I swear the time is flying by. He tries to mimic what we are saying. He of course knows the words Mama and dada, but he's also trying to spit out hello, loralie and Miranda....hahahah soooo funny when he tries to say Loralie and Miranda. He loves his big sisters, they always make him laugh, and he has this huge intoxicating belly laugh that makes you laugh because he's laughing. It's soooo funny even thinking about it. I love watching him look at his big sisters, you can really see howmuch he loves them. it's just awesome!

So that's whats up with us! I'm trying to keep up with everything but it's so hard to keep up with everyone well cleaning up behind everyone is more what i have trouble with. Billy and i have figured out that we have too many primetime shows we watch so we had to get another dvr. How sad is that. we are super tv junkies. But anyway Life is good and I thank God everyday that I was blessed with three super easy pregnancies and three awesome kids. I just feel it in my heart that my family is finally complete! Well I catch up with ya'll soon.