Friday, December 26, 2008

Almost 2 weeks out

Well I'm just shy of two weeks post op. The surgery went really well. They started the surgery (all the pre surgery crap questions etc as soon as I got there) at 8:30, and i have to say I am pretty impressed. I had a nurse that was there my entire surgery and her main focus was informing my family. Billy went back to the hotel after he got the call saying they had started surgery, so he could be with the kids and my mom. He said she called at least every 2 hours and at about 11:30 said the bypass was over and they were working on my gall bladder. At about 1:30 he got the call from the Fellow (almost a doc) that they were done, I was awake, not coherent but awake but the surgery went really well. My gall bladder was full of stones and not just the few they saw on the ultrasound and he was shocked I hadn't been in pain from them for a while and guessed in the next 6 mths to a year I would have had to have it out.

So now I'm in recovery, I am beyond loopy and nauseated, Que the nausea drugs, okay that knocks me back out. I keep half opening my eye and I see my surgeon is talking to me, and i guess he was explaining how everything went, I have no clue what he said. I was out of it. Then I remember rolling through the halls and I woke up in my room. Okay well now I'm still sick and they've given me everything they could. I kept trying to get my nurses attention and let him know i need that cup of water with the swab thing to swab my mouth as I was so dry it hurt. Well he kept looking at me like I was freaking speaking Latin or something. I'd buzz he'd come in ignore what i said and walk out with a look on his face like she won't remember this. Well he's an ass. Anyway Billy came in by himself first and he thought I looked rough but I'll come to that. Oh and he thought the anesthesia was still working on me lol. So he brought each of the kids in to see me one at at time since I could only have two visitors at a time. Which i could see the worry on the kids faces and that sucked. After Billy and the kids said their good byes My mom came in and looked worried as I was just so freaking sick and the damn nurse wouldn't help me at all. Well he finally comes in and my mom notices a tube from my iv on the floor. She shows dumbass (the nurse this is now his name) and he kinda shrugs and she's like this is her line from her pain meds (she's a nurse practitioner and was a RN for years she knows her stuff). He walks out. After a while we realize he's not coming back in ring the nurse station again and thankfully the Fellow comes in and my mom explains to him what's going on and he goes out and makes dumbass come in. Dumbass is looking around like he doesn't know wth to do and walks out and the Fellow (I can't remember his name) is like WTF and tries to reattach it himself. Now they realize the pump isn't working probably because I've been pressing that damn button trying to get some relief and nothing happened. The nice fellow got pissed and called my surgeon, who showed up and got more crap going. The nurse supervisor on duty came in with dumb ass and stuff finally got done and finally I got some pain meds. My surgeon also wrote up dumb ass. Finally 7pm got there and dumbass was no longer my nurse. My new nurse was really nice and must have made mom more comfortable as she finally went back to the hotel around 9ish or so.

So my hemoglobin kept running low so I couldn't get out of the bed to do my walking like they wanted me too, which is probably good because man I was out there. At 5am i got the okay and started walking. which I wanted to do so i could get that cath out of my who ha. Now I'm cooking no cath, my mom came over and we walked she helped me wash up some and i got my awesome snowman pj bottoms on and I finally got something to drink in these tiny little cups but it was the best ever! Sweet! Billy came back that Afternoon and I was sitting up in the chair hanging out etc. the kids looked a little more at ease when they saw me this time. and mom kept the kids so Billy could come back and see me by himself for a while. Over night i was on my own with my nurse and i walked the halls every two hours because I wanted out the next day.

Day 3 is Wednesday and I'm doing good for lunch they switched me to full liquid and if I could tolerate that I can go home. Yup i tolerated and home i went. Thankfully the surgery was laproscopic so the pain wasn't two bad, and I had a script for some percocet. Went to walmart and got that filled and came home and set up camp on the recliner as I knew that's where I'd be sleeping for awhile.

So the healing has been going well. I was in my own bed in less than a week woo hoo. I took the percocet for less than a week, now I just use Tylenol. I try to walk everyday somewhere even if it's up and down my hall several times. Our Christmas was wonderful. Billy has been awesome he has tried to make it so I don't have to do anything! it's been fabulous. I have a post op appt on Jan 8th to find out how I'm doing. I'm tolerating V8 really well and on Tuesday I can move off of full liquid and start a pureed really soft food diet. so wish me luck! Sorry this is so long but this is the longest stretch and clearest my mind has been since the surgery. Take care everyone, now I'm planning Tripps 1st bday for the 4th then two weeks later it's Ran's 3rd bday on the 17th! crazy month! I'll post more later but that's what's been going on with me!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My last day...

as the old me! Well so far I'm down 51lbs. Pretty good eh! Too bad I can't do this on my own and just keep it all off, however if i could have I would have before, plus I'm not eating good at all. But anyway I'm ready for a fresh new start.

Tomorrow at this time I should hopefully be done with surgery as I have to be there at 5:30 in the morning. I'm nervous as hell sometimes so bad I get sick to my stomach. I'm worried about so many things it's driving me a little crazy. Mostly I'm worried about how my kids will do, if they are going to be good, if they are going to be okay without me and how will they be if anything (God forbid) happens to me. I knew I was going to be nervous but it's eating me up inside I just worry because I want the best outcome however there's this little thought in the back of my head yelling what if something happens bad and you aren't there for your kids anymore or for Billy? It's driving me crazy! I am trying to stay positive and thankfully I have lots of people praying for me, so i know everything will be okay, but that stupid thought won't leave my head. I guess it's totally normal but I don't like it!

I have some awesome friends here that are going to bring meals for billy and the kids after the surgery so he doesn't have to worry about cooking! I think it's awesome. I really just want everything to be easy on them, thus the reason all of our Christmas shopping is done and Billy's stuff from the kids and me is already wrapped. So I think everything is in order, well at least i hope it is. So this will be my last blog for a few days unless the hospital has Internet and then i may be able to post an update. Billy is going to text people to let them know when I'm out of surgery and how it went. I'll also have my cell phone after it's all done so text me if ya want to. Please say a little prayer for me that everything goes well. and I'll chat with you all soon i hope!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

update on the liquid diet

So I'm on day 6 of the liquid diet and I'm surviving. I have to say this is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. God knows I love food and for 6 days I've given it up completely. Oh my Goodness it sucks! I miss having a grilled burger or a nice piece of grilled chicken. I have moments the past 6 days I've almost said screw these shakes I want a burger!!! And let me tell you these low carb high protein shakes are not the most wonderful thing. Thankfully I've added decaf tea to my daily intake and that helps for the flavor, but i still crave something good. Something with flavor and crunch. The first day was the worst, I was in a horrible mood and was pissy and mad at the world. The second day was better. But now it's getting bearable.

I mean I feel like I'm in the book Twilight and the human blood I crave is the one that I can't have. I want real food but it's off limits. I want to taste the garlic and meat of a wonderful burger my husband makes that's so yummy. I will be happy in 8 days when this will all be over with and I can not feel the hunger anymore. And I know I'll be even more happy when all the extra weight is gone and I can enjoy my life once again.

As the surgery draws closer I am starting to freak out some with all the what if's that run through my head. Oh they are the worst. What if I'm never able to eat real food again, what if I don't make it through the surgery in the best possible way? what if I don't make it through surgery? What if I'm not able to be a great mom to my kids because the surgery does something horrible to me? and there are so many more but I'll spare you. I try to keep thinking why I am doing this. I want to play with my kids, I want to live a long life and enjoy it, I want to be happy with the way I look, I want to show my kids a healthier way to live. So it's an up and down roller coaster right now.

All in all I'm hanging in there, it's hard but I can do it, I'm almost halfway through it now! woo hoo! Just one more week and I'll be done with the horrid hunger i feel. Everything is in order now, all of our Christmas presents are bought, our Christmas decorations are up and now we just have some stuff to ship off, and we'll be done. I have Mops Monday and it's going to be a busy fun one, I have a cookie/ornament exchange Friday night (getting some cookies for billy and the girl at the hotel), and a party to go to Saturday afternoon. Sunday we leave to stay the night in Richmond and Monday the 15th i have my surgery, not sure what time. They are suppose to call me Friday to let me know for sure of the time. I'm excited and i know this is going to be great. I know God will help guide the surgeons hands for a successful surgery. This is going to be great in a few months! I just know it!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Really Quick

Well the countdown is on...two weeks from today is my surgery. It's coming up so quick!!! I'm starting to freak out! But I know it'll be okay. So today is just a little something funny. I just wanted to show you a cute thing I did so i hope you enjoy!

I'll post more later about our Thanksgiving as it was great!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pre Op

So my preop was today. I had to go to a two hour class which basically stated everything that was in the book that we had to read and take a quiz on. It was pretty cool though getting to hang out all day with people who are having the same surgery. So after class I went to my reg appt to do the preop crap of getting weighed (yuck), blood pressure, making sure you aren't psycho etc. So I was told to try to lose 30 lbs before surgery, and they wouldn't cancel if I only lost 25, so on to the dreaded effing scale, and i put all my crap down, while cursing the two scales i have at home, for always giving me two readings. So I stood on the scale and watched that bastard go up and up. Son of a bitch I lost not 30lbs but 33 lbs!!!! woooo freaking whooooo!!!! So the nurse practitioner said wooo hooo too and said well now you have a buffer for your thanksgiving dinner!!!
So got done with them telling me i could die, i could have ulcers, i could have no complications etc. So i signed everything away and off I went to anesthia and lab...what fun what fun. So they took like 7 vials of blood and pee in a cup and I went on to get an ekg and asked a million more questions about if i'm on any drugs etc...same questions i have already answered 5 times but at least they are concerned enough to ask...maybe i do look they asked me that a
I was also told my Gall bladder will be taken out at the same time due to the hellicaious meteors in my I'm killing two birds with one stone...woot!
so anyway that was my day! I'm glad i lost my goal and then some! I start my all liquids on dec but it's worth it! i can do it...My surgery is dec 15th and I'll find out the friday before when it is exactly...yippee.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, Monday

So I'm a week away from my preop and 28 days from surgery. The girls are doing well. Tripp is doing great. We are all hanging in there and i'm excited about my surgery...I'm getting in the Christmas shopping mode, slowly buying stuff for the kids and everyone else in the family. I can't wait for Black Friday so I can hook up on some good deals!

Everything right now is going pretty good and I'll update more later when something eventful

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pushed back

Well My surgery date got pushed back to Dec 15th due to the surgeon is going to be out of town. So now my preop is Nov 27th, liquid diet starts Dec 1st and Surgery will be bright and early Dec 15th. Well at least now I get to eat Thanksgiving dinner. I'm a little sad it has been pushed back. It means I'm going to be in more pain for Christmas which sucks. But it also gives me a little more time to try to knock some more of the weight off before surgery. So I just wanted to give a surgery update. I'll update about our mini vacation later. I'm off to go wallow in self pity now. :( lol

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Election (strong republican politial views)

Good Lord I will be so glad when this election is over! Don't get me wrong I'm right there with getting my political point out, but for some reason this freaking election is bringing out the crazies. People stealing signs, defacing property and yesterday people went into a Republican office here and assaulted two people in there. WTH. We all have a right to say what we want, have our own views and be free thinkers! I mean there has been a million times this election I've wanted to say to people "Get your head out of your ass and quit letting Obama blow smoke up your ass". Sure he's a very good speaker but how much do you really know about him and how he will run things? I mean sure we know that he's young and some find him hot, but shit some found Bill Clinton Sexy! Gross! To me Obama seems like one of the sea sirens his voice is so smooth and unaltered however when we elect him I worry he will bring us to our demise. I mean why would he be reading the book "A post America World"? If you don't believe me I'll find a pic and post it if I have to. Another problem I have issue with is how can you vote for someone who keeps friends like the ones he has? I mean a known terrorist and a racist? seriously! They say said terrorist isn't one anymore he is a professor, wth he said they didn't bomb enough and should have bombed more. Yeah sounds like he's a stand up citizen! And the man who led him on his spiritual journey through life said some of the most horrid racist things during his sermons. How can you still vote for someone who associates himself with these people. Another reason I can't vote for Obama is the fact of late term abortion and the fact that he voted against helping the babies that try to survive being aborted so late. The babies that come out alive that the medical staff can't legally help because it's against the law according to what Obama voted for. I mean that is a precious child that could have lived and someone would want to adopt, to love, to care for. There are so many other reasons I wouldn't vote for Obama but these are just a few. I just don't know how people can vote for someone like this? I mean WTH are people thinking.

I have some friends moms themselves that say they won't vote for McCain because of Palin. Not because she doesn't have the knowledge to do the job but because they feel she should be home with her kids. OMG are you freaking kidding me! I mean seriously it's a double standard. if Sarah Palin was a man this shit that's being said by many wouldn't even be brought up. I mean how many VP candidates have had people look into how much they spent on their wardrobe? Or said "his" daughter got pregnant how's he going to run the country? Oh because she's a woman it gets thrown in the mix of reasons she's not qualified. I told billy after a debate people were going to be talking her clothing, I even went as far to say that wow I would have worn flats if i had to stand in one place that long. To which Billy said "I wonder why she didn't" I said "because everyone would have been like "can you believe she wore FLATS!!!!" You know I really though this we had grown as women but there are some that are just keeping us back in the old ages of the woman should stay at home, the woman has to wear heals, the woman isn't intelligent enough to run a country. I mean people were even talking about what Hillary Clinton was wearing! I mean how many times did she joked on about her suits. I know Sarah Palin is new to this but shit so is Obama! How can you even say she's not experienced enough without saying Obama doesn't have enough experience? I feel if she gets in she will bring a fresh mind to our Government.

So all I'm asking is please take a second to think about who you are voting for. and why you are voting for them. Don't vote because your mind has been clouded by the way he speaks, think about what he really stands for. I mean he says "Change" but what is he really going to Change? and is this "Change" really going to be for the good? I don't think so. So first go out there and vote! Second, Please please please think about why you are voting for the person, I mean don't vote for or against someone just because of their race or sex. Vote for the person you think will pass along your views the best. Oh and by the way I don't belong to any particular party but this time I will be voting Republican as I feel they best say/express my views. Oh and all this racial and sexist bullshit needs to stop we are freaking past that. We are all Americans!!!!

Oh and if your going to leave a comment please say who you are...good or bad as I like all feed back but hate it when you can't say who you are, it makes me think you don't really believing the comment you are leaving.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a great day!

So yesterday was Lore's 4th Birthday. Well we didn't celebrate until today. I mean we told her her bday was yesterday and told her happy birthday day etc...she was super excited to be four! So yesterday I did most of the cooking and billy and I did the cleaning and rearranged our living room and dining room to accomidate the 20+people we were fitting in our kinda small house.

So anyway Today started and was a whirlwind from the get go. I got up, had coffee, left for Walmart. Well I had to break shitty on the cake people for trying to make me wait longer than I was going to (they screwed something up). Anyway I got it handled and was back home by 10am. Shortly after I got here an old friend and her daughter showed up and and it was wonderful to see them. They helped entertain the kids and set up. Then my mom showed up with Richard and my aunt and her "friend". So it was already becoming a It was great and Lore was beyond excited!!! More people showed up and it got more crazy and more fun. Old friends I haven't seen since I was 25 but kept up with online came and that was awesome! Lore loved everyone and is loving meeting all of these new people here. Believe it or not Miranda is even getting more sociable!!! It's great. However Tripp I guess has hit a momma or daddy only stage. OMG it's driving me nuts. So everyone ate, everyone sang to Lore which she just thought was the best thing ever! Then it was time for presents! Well she made out with some awesome stuff and I have to say billy and I did great getting her the leapster 2 she has played with it ever since we opened it! She loves it. And any card that had money in it she took it out and put it straight in her piggy bank!

People started filing out and thinking things were winding down and another of my uncles and aunt came over to eat hang out, So I called my dad and told him he had to come up and have some coffee with us, so he did. I think at about 6:30 everyone was finally gone and we could clean and relax a little. Loralie proceeded to say "this is the best birthday party ever". It makes me so happy to be back here! For the kids to really get to know all of their family and extended family make it so great! Don't get me wrong I had to explain to lore why her usual party go'ers weren't coming several times and she was a little bummed but I think she still had a great time! So anyway! All in all it was the best day ever for a 4 year! And it was a highly awesome day for me and billy! Miranda had a blast and had plenty of peeps to swing her and play with her so she was super happy! But the best part is seeing all the people who've never met my kids just be here to love on them and make the party awesome for Loralie. It also makes my day to see how Loralie and Miranda is with my dad (their papaw). They love him soooo much and it's so great to see it. I love watching them with him, how if he moves they have to follow him around and just keep up with him. My friends back in Wichita would not believe how much Miranda has came out of her shell. She is a totally different person.

So I just wanted to share my awesome day of birthday celebration and reunions of really great friends! Life is good, I'm totally blessed to have such awesome friends near and far! I love you all and the ones that are far away I miss you a ton! I'll be one hawt biotch when I come back to visit ya'll! I'm gonna make sure I come when I can sub for bunco! lol or at least crash it! peace out homies! I love you all!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The big reveal!

So as you guys know i've had a secret but I didn't want to tell it till I had all the information. Well I finally have all of my information. I am finally moving forward on a new way of life and a new me. On Dec 1st I'm going to have gastric bypass surgery, as I have had weight issues all of my life well I'm sick of it and need a clean slate to start with. I'm very excited and scared a little nervous etc. I had to lose between 25 and 30lbs to be able to get my dates and I've finally come down that far and now it's time for me to get ready for my surgery! So I know some people will probably think it's a radical thing to do but I know how to diet, I've dieted my entire life and i go up and down. So now I'm going to have a new slate to start my new eating habits! I have to give huge thanks to Jody, Windy and April for helping me research, answering my questions and just being there to listen to me bitch. So thanks ladies! So wish me luck and pray that my surgery goes smooth. I just want to be able to enjoy my kids and have a better way of life! I'm so excited! Sorry if the secret wasn't as great as some thought but man this is huge for me!!! love you guys!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun Foto Meme

So Anna tagged me for this fun photo game.
The rules are to choose the sixth photo from your sixth album and post it with a brief description and/or the story behind it. So here is my photo:

This is Billy with Lore when she was just a year old. It was just us having some fun in our back yard soon after we moved to Wichita. I just can't believe how little she is here. so sweet! Thanks for making me look at my old photos! so sweet to remember!

So now my 6 being tagged:




Jen L



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well Well Well...

So here it is tuesday, three days before my first born is gonna turn 4, and we are planning the menu for her party. It's a little sad realizing how big your baby is getting, and that they actually aren't your baby anymore but a little girl instead. So it looks like her birthday is gonna be a ton of fun filled with family (mostly grown ups) none of the class has rsvp'd yet, well except for Lucas he can't come due to his grandma is getting married. Oh well, apparently he thinks of Loralie as his Girlfriend, and she calls him her "best friend". It's kinda sweet. well billy doesn't think

So not much is going on here. I started going to MOPS and the kids can go with me as they have a moppetts thingy that takes care of them so I can have a little me time. I went for the first time yesterday and loved it. Miranda however started crying about 5 minutes before i picked her up because she missed me. That made me pretty sad. Loralie of course loved it. Tripp had to stay home due to the fact that he is still getting over his illness. He's doing much better and finishes his antibiotic on thurs. Thank goodness, and it has really helped he's looking and feeling much better probably the best he's felt in a month.

I know everyone wants to know my surprise however I don't want to tell it until I get all my information so I can tell you everything. It's not that I'm trying to be mean, it's just i want to be able to tell you everything not just part of it and say I'm still waiting to hear blah blah blah. So I'm sorry and I will tell you all soon! It probably won't be that big of a thing for ya'll but it is huge for me!

BTW I can't wait for billy to get the all clear because my birth control pills are driving me insane!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


So today I was looking for a fall picture of Miranda and ran across some pictures that actually made tears well up in my eyes. There were pictures of Last years pumpkin patch adventures with my wichita peeps, and of Birthday parties for the girls with my wichita mommas and the girls friends. It made me sad when I realized that none of lores friends that she's had most of her life (even though it's only been a short one) won't be able to be at her party this year. While I'm happy we are here with all of our family, I'm also sad because I miss my friends back in Wichita. I'm miss going to the dairy farm, and pumpkin patch and all the fun parties and get togethers we had. I miss seeing Lores face light up when I'm talking going to the park or zoo to meet her friends. I know I've been here 4 months but I really miss all the fun I had with my wichita family. They are a great group of women and it makes me sad I can't be there with them this year for all of the fall fun they are having.

I've been looking at pumpkin patches here and have found a couple but i know it just won't be the same without all of our friends. I have made a few friends here but everyone is so spread out that I doubt it would be a huge get together like I'm used to. I haven't found a mommy group, as I guess I'm picky, trendy moms and stroller mommas (a group for fit mommys) isn't my cup of tea. I need my beer drinking, shot taking, wine drinking, bunco playing, sex talking, differing opinons, fun loving, get together to eat mommy group. So anyway I'm gonna keep looking for a group I have faith i will find one but i don't think anyone will ever compare to my Wichita Mommys!

Okay pity party over, I just had to get that out because apparently billy thinks I'm crazy whenever I tear up over something like that. However these moms have been there through two of my kiddos births. Awesome ladies and if anyone ever moves to Wichita you have to meet these awesome women!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Wednesday...

What a boring day. Wednesday is just a day that has to be one of the worst's just in the middle...okay anyway. Things here are good. Not much going on. Had an open house at Lores school it was mad chaos. Made it through that. Now I need to clean yet I'm not doing it yet. I just have no motivation to get it done. I am going to though as I need to make a ton of meatballs for a family reunion on Saturday. I'm excited about the reunion but also stressed. I have 3 kids now and in the past reunions I was kidless. it's been a few years since we've had a reunion. So now I probably wont' get to chat much, but oh well it'll be great to see everyone. However I am now pmsing and bloated so now I'm irritated and hormonal. bah.

so that's all that's going on here. I'm off to clean, I think...once tripp gets up I'm gonna have to gate them in the back part of the house so I can finish. Have a great rest of your week!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Monday...

So Billy's surgery went well. Well I guess it went as well as can be I have to say it's quite an interesting sight! So Thursday we took Lore to preschool went to the DMV. I have to say the DMV in the smaller town near me it so chatty. I went in there, there were two people ahead of me and 4 people working. So i think awesome this is gonna go fast. Well come to find out these chatty asses are too busy talking with the other customers not at their window about buying a new car (for themselves) or just talking in general that everything takes longer. So I wait and I wait to be called. Finally 30 mins in I get called. by the lady that is the information lady. so not only is she helping me but she's going to have to give numbers out to people as they come in. Freaking wonderful. So she starts filling out my crap and after we are almost done, she realizes she gave me an old form and I'll have to fill out a new one. WTF are you freaking kidding me? Anyway we finally get that done, and by now it's been 45 minutes. So now I get to wait for my picture to be taken. uggghhhh. After about 10 minutes my pic gets taken and then i get to wait for my license. So it freaking took me an hour but hey at least I'm registered to vote here now, there is no way I'm not gonna vote in this election! So we have an hour and some change to get billy's license and the waiting room has filled up! So I said hey why don't we go over to the next town (about a 15 minute drive) and see if we can get yours done before we have to pick up Lore. So I hot tail us over to Staunton, and pull up in the lot and i'm like shit it's busy but get Billy to go in anyway. He goes in and I see him sit down (after getting his number i guess) and then within 2 minutes he's getting up and I'm like holy crap that's fast. I swear he was out in 20 minutes flat! Well I guess that tells us what freaking dmv we should go to when/if we ever need to go to again. So now we are both registered to vote and have our VA drivers license! woo hooo.

So off to pick up lore and grab some lunch. we went to cracker barrell per Miranda's request. Then off to walmart to pick up a few groceries. Ran home to put my frozen stuff up and hopped in the car and took off to Charlottesville to drop Billyoff at the doctor. Dropped him off and we headed to Sams Club for Milk as it's the cheapest there. So got done there go back to pick up billy and in less than an hour and 25 dollar billy got the big "V" done. So That was pretty cool I mean who would have thought for 25 buck you can get the snippy snippy done and not have anymore We made it home by 4:05 which we were 5 minutes late for direct tv peeps getting here to install our dvr. and I fixed dinner while billy sat around with peas on his balls all evening. So he had some discomfort but not much pain which is great. We watched movies that evening so he'd sit still.

Friday I took Ran to Walmart so we could have a little time together and we bought a ton of crap we didn't need. I got home and billy still was cooling the nuts so good for him he's listening to the docs orders. We sat around and watched movies and movies with the girls etc.

Sat was more of the same just watching movies i did some cleaning and stuff like that. Movies watched were Deja vu (awesome movie), Knocked up, 27 dresses, a mickey mouse storybook movie and fools gold, amoung other various shows. So see how wonderfully relaxing our day was? And billy had to ice on and off because he was having some swelling.

Sunday we watched our normal stuff and the race. Billy showed me the boys and I was like holy shit I've never seen balls that big! They had swollen almost twice the size. So I do my normal google stuff and find out it's pretty normal, just to keep icing. so that's what he did. As the swelling didn't have any pain, just some discomfort. Over night Miranda went into a coughing fit (cough left over from the cold) and i got her calmed down just in time as she had started to hyperventalate...that was freaking scary. Well all the comotion woke everyone up, and it took forever to get tripp back to sleep. Lore went back to sleep as soon as I brought Ran back into the room all calmed down and better.

So today I think Billy's balls are almost back down to normal size and he seem to be in a little less discomfort. I can't wait for us to get the all clear so I can try to live my life without birthcontrol pills. I'm also excited about all the big changes going on! So more to come on that really soon! It might not even be a month! but as soon as I know I promise I will pass it on to ya'll!

Sorry this was so long and it has a lot of references to balls and nuts but i couldn't tell the surgery info without referencing the "boys" lmao! so I'll catch up sometime soon! take care peeps!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So it's Sept...

So I have some huge life changes coming. I don't want to disclose exactly what's going on until everything is set. All I can say is it will be a huge life change. I want to tell but I feel better waiting until stuff is set in stone. But i can say one life change going on with us. Billy's getting the big "V" done tomorrow. So no more kids for us for sure! Don't get me wrong I love my kids, however three is enough for me.

So Lore started school last week and she loves it. She loves it so much that she doesn't tell us much about it. I'm guessing it's because it's her thing she gets to do by herself, so she keeps some of it to herself. She is behaving really well and I'm so proud of her. She has brought home her little pictures and frames she has painted and colored in class, it's so sweet! i need a way bigger fridge She loves her brother and her sister. She's usually getting Miranda in trouble and has learned well that when we ask who did something she is way too quick to point out "Miranda" lol. I love her she's so awesome to watch interact with other kids. She is definately the social butterfly. She's got a lot of my wanting to do things right and gets aggrivated if she can't in her...i hate that because i know how frustrating it can be. I hope she grows out of

Miranda, well Miranda is Miranda. She is really her own person. She goes against the grain always. She always does stuff the hard way. If you tell her she shouldn't do that she could get hurt she's gonna do it just to prove she can do it even if she gets hurt. She is all me. She has my attitude all the way. I love her but man sometimes I could just shake (of course I would never). She's super smart. She is growing like a weed, up not out, shes scrawny in a sense. Miranda at the ripe age of 2 and a half is a mini diva apparently. Her outfits have to match, she has to have things a certain way, and she is always She's gonna drive me crazy.

Tripp is growing like a weed! He's cruising! gets up and wanders all around the furniture. He amazes me. He's got 4 teeth now and i can't believe he's already 8 mths old. I swear the time is flying by. He tries to mimic what we are saying. He of course knows the words Mama and dada, but he's also trying to spit out hello, loralie and Miranda....hahahah soooo funny when he tries to say Loralie and Miranda. He loves his big sisters, they always make him laugh, and he has this huge intoxicating belly laugh that makes you laugh because he's laughing. It's soooo funny even thinking about it. I love watching him look at his big sisters, you can really see howmuch he loves them. it's just awesome!

So that's whats up with us! I'm trying to keep up with everything but it's so hard to keep up with everyone well cleaning up behind everyone is more what i have trouble with. Billy and i have figured out that we have too many primetime shows we watch so we had to get another dvr. How sad is that. we are super tv junkies. But anyway Life is good and I thank God everyday that I was blessed with three super easy pregnancies and three awesome kids. I just feel it in my heart that my family is finally complete! Well I catch up with ya'll soon.

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Labor Day Weekend!

Holy moly where has the time went???? The summer is over, Lore starts school Tuesday and the time is going by so fast i can't keep up! I can't keep up with the cleaning or grocery shopping. It's pretty sad that I'm having such a hard time keep up with stuff. Tripp is already pulling up to standing and trying to cruise around. Stress around here is pretty high lately and i'm not sure why. It just seems there is so much going on that everyone is having a hard time keeping up. Oh my goodness it's so irritating to feel like you can't catch up. So that's my life I think we just need a vacation, but who has time for that....ugghhhhhhhh. I'll catch ya'll up more later. I'm hoping for some big news (no not pregnancy news as billy's getting the big "V" cause we are done!). so hopefully I'll have that to share really soon! So take at easy ya'll! and i'll chat with ya soon!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wow it's august!

Yup once again I suck and haven't been on to blog. Sorry bout that. So not much is going on here, same ole same ole. Lore and ran are being typical girls and fighting a lot, well not fighting so much as getting irritated with each other. I think it will help some once Loralie starts preschool right after Labor day! She's so excited as am I for her. Miranda is sweet and funny, she's been a little mad at billy since he's been home. It's a little sad as she used to be daddy's little girl but now I think she's holding a grudge against him for being gone for two weeks. Hopefully she'll get over that soon! Tripp is doing great, growing like a weed and pulling up to standing using various things. uggh they are growing too fast. So that's it for my update, exciting huh. Not much going on just us being us. Billy's been working alot, we finally got the wall up in the basement. I'm doing the same staying at home nothing thrilling there. Hope ya'll are doing well and i'll update again once something exciting

Monday, July 28, 2008

it's been a few weeks

Sorry about that but it's been a busy few weeks. As in my previous blog Billy was gone until the 18th, then was on vacation last week. Last week we did a lot of short trips here and there, nothing super fancy or anything. I took Miranda to the Childrens museum in Richmond Tuesday, billy took the girls to walle wed, thurs we went to visit my mom, friday we attempted to clean some and i went grocery shopping, sat we went swimming at my sisters and got home super late and sunday (yesterday) an old friend Leah and her mom came down to visit and we had a great day! So it's back to work for billy today fun fun, okay not so much.

The girls did so great swimming, lore had water wings on and was attempting to swim paddling and kicking it was great! and Miranda was jumping off the side of the pool and going under water. Tripp played in his floatie for hours in the water...and then ate and slept for a couple was a great swimming trip. Lore told her uncle horst "your boob hair is CRAZY!" to which we all got a huge laugh as he didn't understand her so she said it slower and louder while pointing "the hair on your boobies is crazy!" haahhahaha kids are soooo funny!

okay so that's all for now! I'll blog again soon i'm sure!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hanging out just the kids and me

That's what we are doing. Billy's in Dallas, and the first few days have went really well. Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 32 and for some reason 32 seems older to me than when I was turning 31. I know it sounds wierd but turning 31 was okay but 32 I'm thinking good lord I'm getting old and that sucks! Well my birthday was pretty good. I got lots of birthday wishes, Billy sent me some flowers, my dad got me a cake so the girls were thrilled, they don't believe it's a birthday unless there's cake.

Tripps 6 mth appointment went well. He's a big boy. 21lbs 6ozs and 27.5 inches tall. He got his shots and all checked out and he's doing great. Miranda went with me as Lore got to stay at her papaws and play with her cousins and her aunt and uncle. Granted her cousins are 15-17 but they all had such a great time. When we went back to pick her up we stayed for a while and Miranda got to join in on the fun. I'm so happy with how much Miranda has stepped out of her shell. She is still really shy but she doesn't cry anymore when someone tries to pick her up.

So there's a little update, things are going well so far with it just being the kids and me. I hope it continues to go so well. I'll try to chat more with ya'll later. and thanks for all the birthday wishes!!! take care!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Hey there everyone! It's the 4th of july and i hope everyone is enjoying a great day with their families! I'm sitting here watching clean house as Tripp plays on the floor, what are my plans for the day you might ask? nothing but cleaning my house probably because Billy is working on a job that he couldn't turn down due to the bonus and double time paid. Does it irritate me? Yes! However we aren't rich so we can't turn down the opportunity to make the money. Oh well. So what else is going on? not much Billy leaves monday for 2 weeks, that sucks. My house is a mess and I can't catch up. The girls are doing pretty good, tripp right now isn't very happy. He's a little grouchy. Well I hope everyone has a great day! take care!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's been awhile....

since I've been able to blog. So here I am trying to get one in really quick. So what's been going on with me you ask? Well, I've been being an ass because I'm pissed Billy's got to go to training for two weeks (over my birthday). We tried to find a cheap flight so he could come home over the weekend but no finding a cheap fare for us! This is one of the times I wished we still lived in Wichita, as we (the kids and I) could just drive down there for the weekend. I don't know why I get so mad or upset about something he has to do. I guess i'm just a butt? who knows?

What's been going on with the kids, well tripp now has two teeth, sits up and plays without falling over, scoots all around the place, and interacts/plays more with you (kinda like a mocking game, he sighs you sigh, he sighs could go on forever). He goes in on the 3rd for his 6 mth appt. Wth 6 mths where did the freaking time go? man it goes by way too fast!!!! before I know it he'll be walking, then running then off to college for him. lol.

Miranda hmmmmm she hasn't really been doing much but being her typical diva self. She is more rotten than I could have ever imagined. She is in that no stage, she'll say no to just about everything (however she ends up doing whatever you ask even though she says no). She went to the ortho and she is good, apparently she's gonna be an olympic runner. Ha he hasn't see her run, if anyone has watched the friends episode where phoebe is running, that's my child except she falls down a lot. No seriously the appointment went well. She has really loose joints which causes a turn in at her feet, but he says if you look at most olympic sprinters they have a slight turn in like hers. He bones are straight and everything else looks good. The loose joints give her what's called a nurse maids elbow, which is where it kinda get's wrenched really easy (just about pops out) and it hurts her really bad to the point she won't use it. what's the remedy for that, don't hold that hand when she's walking cause when she falls and you try to catch her, she almost always messes that elbow up. So that was a pretty good appt.

Loralie she is so much like me it's pretty sad and I wish she wasn't. She get's so flustrated if she's trying to (lets say) put a puzzle together for the first time and can't get it as fast as she'd like. I mean to the point of crying mad/flustrated. I hate that she gets that from me. I hate that I'm like that, I just like to be able to do shit right and not have it take long the first time. So she's smart as can be and I'm excited for her to start preschool but also sad about it. I'm gonna miss her, she's usually such a helper around here with Tripp, and she's Miranda's playmate. I wonder how miranda is gonna take her being gone. She's excited she get's to change her earrings soon. I wonder how excited she will be when the time comes lol.

So for me, nothing going on here, me just being pissed I'm gonna be parenting by myself for the next two weeks. The girls will most likely drive me crazy as they like to fight nonstop, well most of the time. Tripp is pretty happy usually unless he is one of his moods that he wants everyones undivided attention. Oh well such is life...I guess I'll blog again when i have time. I'm sure I'll make some time, especially because I know I'll have to have a place to vent out my daily crap over the next two weeks. Anyone have a big ass margarita machine, maybe I'll turn to drinking for a couple

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Well it's Saturday

It's Saturday, I'm exhausted, what's new. Well I'll catch you up on my week since tuesday. Tuesday, i was having a pretty bad day, I was just burnt out on everything. Well my dad stopped by, it was awesome all the kids were napping (I had just gotten tripp down) and he had brought a bbq for us and one for billy incase he was in route home. Well it was so nice to just be able to sit there and talk to dad without the kids being loud and jumping around. We had a great conversation, I think it was the first time we've been able to chat by ourselves in years. So that made my day much better. Wednesday came with bad news of one of my uncles on my moms side dying. Thursday was my dad's birthday so we met him for dinner with his brother and sisters (my aunts and uncles). The girls were absoutely wonderful! They met a lot more family most that they had never seen. Tripp was wonderful as well, he got passed around the table and all of the aunts ohhhhhed and awwwwwwed over him. Lore and Ran sang Happy Birthday to dad several times and I mean several times. The girls really listened well and ate really good, I was so proud. on the way home Lore stated "that was unbelievable" "that dinner time was unbelievable". I thought that was so great that she had such a great time and thought it was unbelievable and expressed it to us in such a cute way.

So after dinner Dad and josephine came over for cake and coffee, a cake that I made (chocolate cake, white chocolate buttercream between the layers, ganache over the top and sides) and let the girls decorate. Oh my lord my cake was beautiful on it's own but I figured why not let the girls make his cake super special and boy did they. It looked like a sprinkle factory exploded on it. Dad loved it of course and the girls sang happy birthday to him once again as he blew out his candles. Tripp got more attention as usual (I swear he's gonna be a spoiled rotten boy).

Friday nothing big happened same ole stuff, except I found out that my step dad is in the hospital due to some issues wth potassium. He was paralyzed from the waist down for almost a day. Very scary stuff. but seems to be doing better.

Today, I've been in just a horrible mood. I'm tired, grumpy and irritated. I was that way all day, however I invited dad and josephine over for dinner, which was nice and so they could help us eat some more of the birthday cake of dads. So the kids played while we finished cooking dinner, we ate, the kids swung some more, we came in and ate cake and had coffee, and dad and josephine left. We came inside and started watching gymnastic, i called a few people, put the kids and bed, just so I could have some time to catch up on here. So there's my exciting huh? So now I'm still tired and exhausted so I'm going to bed. I'll blog again soon and hopefully I'll be in a better

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another milestone, another memory

Okay so Fathers day was great even for me! I got to watch billy love his gifts we got him, fishing poles for the whole family and a tackle box for him, and I also got to spend fathers day evening with my dad which is something I hadn't been able to do in a few years. So we grilled some chicken and had a great dinner! We topped it off by cutting an awesome tasting watermelon! Then we played with the girls as tripp napped. We were running all around spinning the girls around, the girls were racing each other, getting rides on daddy's and papaws shoulders, being swung around like monkeys by daddy and papaw! they loved it. Miranda even loved it when papaw toted her around like a sack of potatoes! it was great. Then the darkness came and on with the light show, tons of lightening bugs (fireflies) came out and the girls thought it was awesome! Lore even held one until, miranda kept saying ewww gross, yucky! soooo funny! It was a great evening! Tripp was awesome, he played and laughed and was a great baby as usual! Wonderful memories we are making for these kiddos!

Now for the milestones, Tripp has his first tooth! and another one right beside it almost through. he's gonna have his bottom teeth first...awwwww! He is also babbling up a storm but in those babbles he's saying Da Da, over and over and over! So I guess one child had to say dada first! Oh well I know he's momma's boy anyway! So he's got a tooth and he's saying dada he'll be running anyday now! He's rolling everywhere, and growing like a weed!

Miranda is doing much better with some people, sunday she gave dad a high five with a right on, instead of the normal wave from a distance! woo hooo what a huge step for her! Loralie is doing great she's too smart for her own good most of the time, and it drives me crazy but she is an awesome helper most of the time.

So a blog I wrote about earlier, how time flies by, well trace atkins wrote a song that explains so well what my blog is basically about. the song is called "you're gonna miss this" oh my goodness this song is so great you'll have to look it up and listen to it sometime soon!

okay I'm off to hang with the kiddos, i'll blog again soon!

Friday, June 13, 2008

and It's Friday the 13th

So it's friday the 13th and it's been over a week since I blogged. Sorry! Anyway we've been busy. Still trying to get the house set up, we had my nieces graduation(which was awesome). We are planning on having my dad and josephine over sunday so we can cook dinner for him for fathers day. We are gonna grill some chicken. yummy. The kids are growing like weeds, I can't believe how big they are. Miranda has an appt with an orthopedist on the 23rd so hopefully we'll get more answers about her legs, we did find out one is about half and inch shorter than the other. Poor girl. She's so smart and such a pain all at the same time. She gives diva a whole new definition. So they are coloring which is giving me the 5 mins I needed to be able to catch everyone up. I got a new camera, yet another wonderful surprise from billy. he's awesome! i love it so far! the pics seem to come out really great! Okay so that's what we've been doing, I'll catch up more later when I have a few more minutes!

blog at ya later!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And the days just roll on by

I am amazed with how fast time goes anymore. I remember a time when I was in school and the days could not go fast enough for me. I would wish my time away nonstop. My daddy always told me that one day time will fly by so fast you'd just wish it would slow down, so you could catch up. But did I stop wishing my time away? heck no! I kept wishing my life away, wishing I'd be 13 so I could be a teenager, wishing I was 16 so I could get my license, wishing i would hurry up and graduate, wishing the weekdays would go by faster so the weekend would come along. Well now I have realized that all my wishes came true because my life if flying past me and I can't freaking catch up with it.

My girls are growing so fast, I swear every time Lore gets up she's grown another inch. Miranda comes up with something new she's learned every hour just about and I'm like what the hell, where did you learn that, and Tripp, we won't even go there with him. You know how fast babies grow. So what have I done? I have wished my life would go faster but now I want it to slow down some so I can enjoy my kids. I mean we get up have breakfast, clean up, watch a show, it's time for lunch, then nap time, play for a bit, I fix dinner, then it's bath and bedtime. My days fly by, it's bedtime before I realize it. Why didn't I just savor my time back then? I look back on it and have such fond memories of my school and college days, and now I realize I was always looking for more. Well now that I have my more, i want it to slow the hell down!

Tomorrow I am taking Ranna to the doc about her legs. I am really surprised at how fast they want to see us! I called today to set up Tripps well child and told them I'd like to get an appt for Miranda's legs sometime and explained to them what was going on and they said they had an appt tomorrow. So at 10:30 we are on our way to the pedi. So that will definitely take part of my day away. i sure hope they figure out a way to ease my mind about her legs and feet. Either by telling me she'll be fine or helping me to correct the problems I see.

Right now I'm trying to enjoy the time I have with everyone because with the way time goes, you never know when you'll see people. I'm enjoying getting to spend time with my dad. I really missed him. We've always had the best relationship. I hate the fact that he's getting older, I sure wish there was a way to freeze his aging process so that he could be around us forever. The girls are loving having him near. They love their papaw! He came by twice today and that totally made their day! Miranda still won't give him hugs but she did say bye and wave and blow kisses to him before he left, which is a major step for her. She usually just hides till he's driving down the driveway, then she yells bye papaw, lub you and blows him kisses....but tonight he finally got to see it! Today he brought us a new gas grill, he told me that's billy and my birthday presents. Which is fine with me because woo hooo that kept me from having to buy one, and I still have options for billy's fathers day present. Now I have to figure out what to get dad for fathers day and his birthday.

So anyway I guess what this blog is really suppose to be saying is, don't wish your life away! enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. Time flies and you never know when you are gonna wish you had that five minutes back you wished away.

i blog to ya later.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wow it's June already?!?!

I can't believe it's June already! Tripp will be 5 months old in a couple days! I guess I need to get looking for a ped. here for the kiddos! I am hoping that this ped will take our worries about miranda's legs more seriously than our last one, as it seems like she's not outgrowing it. So our house is slowly getting put together. Man is it taking forever. Tomorrow our new to us furniture is arriving via my dad. My mom has decided she wanted some new furniture so she offered to give us her couch, reclining love seat and chase lounge, so we graciously accepted, since new furniture and kids don't go well together and we were going to have to buy at least a couch. So my dad has to go down to S.H. tomorrow to go to the doc and he's gonna run by her house on the way out of town and pick it up and bring it back to me! how awesome is that!!! The furniture is in great shape especially the reclining love seat which is what I'm the most excited about. It'll be nice to have our furniture to sit on, since right now we have a worn out love seat and a pretty uncomfortable rocking chair to sit on!

So yesterday Billy and dad went and picked up our fridge, woo hoo! I love it, I'm so happy billy went ahead and got one. There was one here but it only had one shelf, so it wouldn't hold very much. Well our new one, while it's nothing super fancy, holds a ton!!! We also finally are in a house that has a dishwasher!!! I cannot believe how much easier it is to keep a kitchen clean when you have a dishwasher. I have a little routine going each night and it only takes a few minutes and i'm done. whereas before it took forever, since I hate washing dishes! Miranda even tries to help with the unloading of the dishes. It's pretty cool.

So in the morning it's back to our regular schedule. Billy has to go back to work so it's just the kiddos and me again. I think we'll be fine but we've enjoyed having billy home. Miranda is the one who will probably have the hardest time, as she loves being daddy's shadow. It's funny, that was my nickname growing up, where ever my dad went I was right there with him. Lore will do fine as she adapts well to everything and Tripp will just keep on keeping on. However we think tripp is trying to cut some teeth. He hasn't been our happy go lucky little boy lately, he's been a little more fussy, however he tries to give us big grins in between the fussiness. I'm hoping to start working with lore some during the summer on her writing? we'll see how that goes. She colored the pretties pic ever the other day at cracker barrel! she stayed in the lines! I was amazed, I mean she's only 3! Well I'm off to bed as the kids have decided that 7:30 ish is the time they want to wake up in the morning, which sucks for me! anyhow, I'll write more soon!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Well hello from Virginia!!!

So I know it's been forever since I've been on to write, but that's because so much has gone on. As you can tell by the title, we are in VA now. I know I know, it was quick and painful but here we are. So last I was saying was how I didn't want to move yada yada yada, well this move in the week we've been here has made me realize this is exactly what we were suppose to do. The girls are so extrememly happy. Lore's behavior has gotten better. They love seeing their papaw and think it's the best ever to hang out with him. I had a moment the other day that made me sure that we are exactly where we are suppose to be. My dad was over here early sunday morning as we were going to finish unpacking the truck, well we were sitting down chatting and Lore got up on his lap and starting singing to him. She started off with the usual twinkle twinkle little star, to which papaw sang along with her to that. The next song was You are my sunshine, as she started singing I saw a look come over my dads face, I hadn't seen before. As I watched my precious three year old sing to my dad I noticed him get a little red faced and teary eyed, and he tried his best to hold in the tears (which he did pretty well) but I could tell he was pretty choked up. I watched as they sang along and wondered what could have happened to have made my dad's expression change so much. As she finished the song she looked up at him and gave him a big hug and he looked down at her and said, you know my momma used to sing that same song to me as a little boy. At that moment I realized that my dad had drifted back to when he was a little boy probably around lores age, to when my grandma used to sing to him. Lore of course looked up at him with her big beautiful eyes and smiled. It made me tear up, and that was the moment I knew that this was exactly why we moved back. We wanted our children to get to know their grandparents, but now I realize too we wanted the grandparents to get to enjoy these little moments with the kids. That is a memory I will surly have until the day I die.

So on to what all has been going on. After we came out here for a week, we had basically a month to get all of our crap packed up, loaded on a truck, and moved out here. it all went super fast and wore us all out, hell we are still wore out!!! We are still trying to unpack our house but t is taking forever! I also will be having a yard sale really freaking soon!!!! I am not going to have a cluttered freaking house again. we are going to get rid of a bunch of stuff.

So on to how everyones doing. Lore as you have read is doing great. She actually got her ears pierced (per her request) yesterday. She is a brave turkey. I really didn't think she'd go through with it, as we had tried one time before, and after I filled out the paperwork and she got seated she saw the piercing gun and was like "noooooooooooo!!!!". So that was that, and for a month or two she's been asking to have it done and finally yesterday while we were out shopping, i told billy to take tripp and ran through the store and I'd take lore and see if she'd go through with it. Well she picked out some really cute flower earrings (14k of course) with her oct birthstone as petals, and we went over to where she'd have to sit. she promptly sat down and was like yup I'm ready I want to get earrings, as I am like are you sure, it hurts like a pinch etc. She was determined, well crap there was only one lady there to do them so I tell her you have to get each ear done separately. She is still determined. So the lady is like okay cleans her ear dots them and they look right, so she says one, two, three and my baby girl has a pierced ear, and is crying a little. So she is now like no I don't want to get the other ear done blah blah blah. So we let her calm down and we talk to her and showed her the earring and she like it, and agrees to get the next one done. well she was still leary about it so the lady was awesome and just starts asking her questions like who are your friends etc, and she promptly starts talking about gavi and mia and how they used to play together and as she is mid sentence her other ear gets a matching earring! oh my goodness they are just too cute, she cried a little but is happy with them, and promptly tells everyone she sees, to look at her new earrings. So thanks gavi and mia, ya'll helped lore to get her ears pierced. She misses her friends, every time we talk about her going to school she gets excited and starts talking about how she's going to get to see Gavi, Mia, Isaac, Beckah and Elias. then we have to tell her once again, that they don't go to school here they go to school in Kansas. But other than missing them she loves her room, loves seeing her papaw, loves her bunkbed and the fact that she shares it with miranda. She is really enjoying it here much more than I guess I thought she would.

Okay on to Miranda. Miranda is doing well, she's still shy as hell. She'll hide behind us and come out once she's been around folks for a few minutes. She talks everyones ears off, she won't get close to anyone but us but will sing and ramble on forever. It's really cute. She loves seeing her papaw but won't go near She'll wave at him, blow kisses to him and talk to him, but will not go near him (or anyone for that matter). I'm hoping it's just a matter of time before she will. She's had issues with her legs and feet since she was born, and for some reason now they seem to be getting worse. They seem to be turning in more, she runs and falls down a lot. She kinda seems to favor her left leg some, I'm really concerned, and I hope her new ped. will listen to our concerns instead of telling us it will just correct itself. I feel so bad for her. her poor legs were all bruised and scraped up shortly after arriving from falling so much and she stays bruised on the legs just from falling so much. I hate that she has this issue. But other than that Miranda is loving it here to, as you can tell from the running statements above, she's has a ton of room to run and loves it. She's a little singer too and picks up songs like crazy, which I'm really happy about because I was really getting sick of hearing "santa claus is coming to town" every two seconds. Shes got the sweetest smile that will melt your heart and it kind of reminds me of Reba's smile. It's so warm and sweet. However there is no doubt that miranda is my child. As we were eating with my mom and step dad at a steakhouse, mom and lore were talking about what the longhorns name might be that was hanging up on the wall. My mom asks lore "so do you think it looks more like a jessie or a bessie?" well miranda leans into me and calls me a little closer and whispers "It looks more like a cow to me". OMG I about passed out. that was soooo something I would have said, it was soooo funny, and of course I told the table to which they all laughed and miranda let out this huge laugh that just cracked us up even more. She's my sweet child, however she's kinda like a sour patch kid, mean as a snake one minute then sweet as candy the next.

So Tripp is almost 5 months! I can't believe it! He's so big, even though he was the smallest of the three of them by a pound, he weighs more than either of them did at this age. He is such a good baby. He gives the biggest smiles and grins when ya talk to him. He gives those beautiful smiles to everyone too, he seems to love for people to chat with him. He's doing well and did great on the trip out here. He's now in the crib, in his own room, and is doing great. Miranda passed on the crib without any issue and he has graciously accepted all the room the crib has to offer. He tried bananas today for the first time and I was shocked, He loved them! He actually ate the whole jar! Well I think I am gonna start making my own baby food, as have an awesome Kitchen aid mini chopper and I just think i can make the food so much more flavorful for him. He's rolling all over the place and is just trying to keep up with his sisters. He's already a hair puller, if they get within arms reach of him he is grabbing a handful of hair before they can blink and he will not let go. It's kinda bad. But all in all the girls love him so much it is the best thing to see the way he looks at the girls, so full of love and I can only hope the kids stay close for the rest of their lives. I am truly blessed to have the most wonderful kiddos. The make me so happy (most of the time).

so on to billy and me, we are doing well. We know we are done having kiddo's and as sad as it makes me that i won't be pregnant again I really think our family is complete. So soon billy will be getting the big "V". I've enjoyed being back in VA, we actually live less than a mile from my dad! how awesome is that? So anyway not much going on just unpacking and trying to set up our house, which we love! the view is awesome. I love waking up and drinking my morning cup of coffee looking at the beautiful mountains!!! Sooooo thats an update on us, and now i promise to write a few times a week, as I'm sure I'll have a ton more to talk about now!

until next time!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well the wheels are turning on this move. Looks like we'll be going out to VA the week of april 21st to look for rentals to live in. I guess it'll be awhile before we can actually buy. I hate that because I'd so love to buy so I could make a home finally. So I have another consignment sale i'm putting some of the girls clothes they've outgrown. I'm slowly trying to get crap out of the house so it's less for us to pack. I'm still unsure how I totally feel about everything but I guess it's what it is.

So that's all I got right now, I know it's kinda lame and boring right now but I'll post more when I have more to talk about.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Tuesday

So if I didn't know before I totally know now that my life as a mom is totally apparent. I am expecting a delivery today from ups and am soooooooo excited about it. What am I expecting you may ask? Well I am getting a sit and stand stroller and a bumbo. Yup I am excited about a freaking stroller. Wth has happened to me? Why am i sooooo excited about a stroller and a bumbo? well lets see the stroller is the key to me getting out of the house more and the bumbo is going to hopefully free up my hands some during tripps awake time.

Granted I have a double stroller but man with Loralie and miranda that worked great, as they, when we first got it, were small enough that they both wanted to be in it riding. Now that they are 2 and 3 they want to walk more than being pushed. So the sit and stand stroller will allow them easy access to ride or walk, while i'm happily pushing tripp in it. No need to stop and remove the tray and unbuckle to let them out. i can stop and just let them hop on or off, and go on about my business. I am so excited as I want to make some zoo trips before we leave as the girls love the zoo and i want them to hang with their friends as much as they can before we leave.

Now for why the bumbo is so exciting for me. I am super thrilled about it. For a few weeks now tripp doesn 't want to lay in his bouncer or swing, he wants to sit up. From the laying or reclined position he's always trying to just sit straight up. It's crazy, he's only two months. So in his awake hours I am or billy is holding him so he can sit up, or he is propped up but falls over after a bit because of cours he's not old enough, to support himself. So I am hoping with the use of this nifty little seat it will make him happy since he'll be able to sit up by himself.

Yup that's what has me happy for today, that i will soon have my nifty little gadgets and a new cell phone...woo hoo! I'm still not sure how I feel about the move but oh well life goes on and so will the packing. I'm off to try to tame my wild children as guess what a full moon is coming and they are crazy!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

New to this

Well in light of new situations coming up I decided I'd start a blog. Since we are moving back to the east coast I thought this would be an easy way of keeping everyone up on what's going on with us. So where to start, I'm a mom of three, two girls and a boy, wife to a great man, Billy, and now I wonder where life is gonna take us. Right now we live in Kansas, a place many asked what the hell made you decide to move out to Kansas and when we first moved her we too asked ourselves that same question.

Kansas we moved her July 05, and boy was it a change. We came from Virginia where we had been living the Navy life, there was always people at our house or we were at someones house visiting. So to move out here where we didn't know anyone was a little crazy. So how did we get here? Billy had been in the Navy for almost 10 years in april 05 when we got out, and decided to explore other options. So we applied everywhere it seemed when one fateful day we got the call and were asked if we minded moving to Kansas. Well uhhhh I guess, why not. So we moved out here with a then 9mth old Loralie. So here we are, now after almost 3 years we are going to be moving back to VA. It's kind of bittersweet as I have made several really great friends here and Loralie and Miranda have some really great friends that they love to play with.

It was actually a really hard decision to move back to VA. I love it here now, I love my friends, I love the girls friends, I love the city, I love having a drive in to go to, I love having a bunco group, and moms night out. I love the schools out here a lot more. Moving back to VA i know we are gonna end up having to put the kids in Private schools, man I hope we can afford that. So why are we moving back you may ask? One word, Grandparents. well okay grandparents and family. We feel selfish staying out here when we have the opportunity for the girls to get to know their family. So that's it. All the reasons we have to stay out here and of course family trumps everything. I'm really sad to be leaving but it will be good for the kids. Also it will be cutting down on billy's overnights and time away. So that's two reasons we are moving.

Now I have to joy of packing up and moving three kids 3 and under halfway across the country. Taking them away from everything they have known. We are doing this for them right? I mean it's best for them to know their family right? Growing up I loved going to visit my grandparents. Almost every weekend we went to my dads parents and I played with all of my cousins and we'd have big dinner's etc. It was great. I want my kids to know their grandparents, but is it really worth moving them away from all they know? Is it really the best for all of us? Man I hate these big decisions! Why is it soooooooo bittersweet! I'll be so happy to see my mom and dad on a regular basis, but man what am I gonna do without my bunco group or my moms night out?

Well I guess it's too late now. Billy is super excited about moving back, I'm excited as well but know that i am really gonna miss it here. At least I'll be able to go to the beach more, lol. I just hope we get at least half the amount of snow we get here in Kansas. So come may/juneish, we are off, heading for a new start in a new town/city. I just hope I can make friends like i've made here, and that the kids can have great friends like the ones they have now. So wish us luck and me some sanity on our new adventure.

I guess it was a pretty boring start to my blog, I hope I get better at this but I guess everyone needs a place to write their thoughts right?