Monday, January 24, 2011


Well I got a response into my getting certification to be a wilton method instructor for cake decorating. I guess I am now certified. lol. Also I took yet another new step and that was checking into colleges online ones to get my bachelors in nutrition. Yup I really don't want to know what I want to be when I grow up. What in the world is up with that????? I think with my background in Culinary Arts, my surgery etc, that Nutrition is a good direction for me. That and I loved my nutrition classes in JWU. But I also had the best instructor ever. So That's what's new...Guess I'll wait to see what the powers that be want for my life. I will either get a job with the store that remains nameless as a cake decorating instructor (while going to school for a BS in Nutrition) or I will just be a full time student and part time pea on at my place of employment. Either way I will keep making my cakes I like to do and will keep on trucking on my quest to figure out what the hell I wanna be!

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