Sunday, January 30, 2011

moving fast

So things are moving way faster than I thought they were going to! I am actually going to be starting school this Wednesday! Insane I know!!!! So this will put me on my path of Nutrition Science...kinda funny for someone who wants to be a cake lady, isn't it? I'm super excited with how many different directions I can go in this field and hopefully one day maybe help out people who have been through Gastric Bypass like I have to help them before during and after. Or maybe I can teach nutrition? I'd love to do that!!! ugghhhh What the hell do I want to be when i grow up? So anyway. Things are putting right along here. Had three freaking snow days last week with the kids. That was nice at first but I can't say I'm not happy they are going to school tomorrow and I am going to work!!! I am also wondering if my life will ever slow down? OMG why does it always seem like it's go go go??? Anyway I gotta get to bed but just wanted to let everyone know what's going on this way! I start school Wednesday wooot!

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